FFA - 4H - Conscious matter or not allowed?

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  • HB

    I have never been a JW but I joined this forum several years ago when a young friend started attending the local Kingdom Hall. You might be interested in her story as it relates to your situation in several ways.

    My friend was 20 at the time and her study conductor had deceptively reassured her that she would NOT have to give up being a member of Girlguiding (the UK version of Girl Scouts), which I understand is in some respects similar to the club your daughters are part of.

    My friend was a leader with the Brownies and whilst being 'love bombed' by the JWs, she was initially told it would be fine to continue being a Guiding volunteer provided she avoided meetings where Christmas and Easter Crafts were part of the programme and she mustn't join in with singing Happy Birthday to the girls.

    Of course things started changing as she studied more and was approaching baptism. The thumb screws were tightened, but the Elders were clever, they desperately didn't want to lose their new recruit, as it was a rare prize to have a new young member who was not 'born in'.

    So rather than forcing her to leave Brownies, she was strongly 'encouraged' to understand that it would be better to resign from the Brownies because it was taking her away from fully dedicating her life to Jehovah, and of course she did not want to displease Him. So believing it was her own decision, she reluctantly on principle resigned her membership of Girlguiding.

    Long story short, eventually she could not cope with the controlling rules of the WT organisation, and left the JWs after much suffering and depression. She realised the WT Organisation controlled her lifestyle, her behaviour, what she could wear, which information she was allowed to read, what she did with her spare time, even what books, music and ornaments she could own, and finally they even controlled her thoughts and emotions. She had joined a high control cult-like organisation.

    Having happily broken all ties with the JWs, she is now a volunteer with Girlguiding once again and gains far more from that than she ever did from her membership of the WT Organisation.

    Sending you wishes for clarity of mind as you face this situation, and I hope that if you are forced to choose between the 4H group and the Watchtower, whatever you do, you will put the happiness and welfare of your daughters as your first priority. x

  • Steel

    I hope you realize that the WTS uses planned parenthood rulings when dealing with pregnant mothers and the issue of giving a women a blood transfusion to save the life of her unborn child. Guess what, it's a fetus with no rights as a person according to the WTS.

    I have often thought it was kind of rich for the WTS to worry about things 4H or girls scouts while pulling shit like that.

  • hoser

    4h teach youth many valuable skills

  • nowwhat?

    They did not follow proper procedure by calling jc without counciling you first. Tell them as a woman you don't feel comfortable in a closed room with 3 men. Ask if you can bring a friend or an attorney along.

  • waton

    Humour helps, thank the elders for re-considering, possibly. Asks them if looking at pictures of the "New World" it is not an agricultural society? it being so close, you give your daughters it head start to feel at home, contribute there, when it comes soon. Even Bunnies will be ok, Abel kept little lambs, although not for food. subtly make them think what happened to those animals. 4H is positive for your daughters now. fulfilled fulfillment.

  • lancelink

    When we were witnesses, the elders would council my wife and I regarding our ten year old son joining the track team at school.

    their council basically told us to not let him join, and he should spend more time in service.

    totally frosted my wife, and after discussing the subject together, we just ignored what they wanted us to do.

    guess what ? Nothing more was said about the subject ever again. I learned that if you " push back" in a non confront all way, the elders realize that your not an easy pushover. Your opinion is important, don't let them steamroll over you 💪

  • zeb

    whats 4H? thanks.


    I have 2 little girls who love their bunnies, so this year we reached out to 4h and started our own 4h group

    Now after doing this for 3 months I am being brought before a judicial committee for neutrality.

    Why would you waste your time with idiots?


    Who will Win?......Who will be the Victors?!
    JW Elders, Battle Bunnies!...

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I am still a baptized Witness and my status as Ministerial Servant has never been revoked, therefore I can talk to you.

    Tell them that your private affairs are none of their business.

  • Awakenednow

    Please listen to your heart... your kids are only young for such a short time. You won't get these precious moments back.

    My elder bro-in-law is a fireman, and I know of others too, and they take an oath to uphold the constitution as did older GB members by signing passports. That could be a neutrality issue as is joining a union. So, It's a conscious matter.

    i agree with desirous of change and shadow; simply ask questions and ask them to refer you to the appropriate research so you can prayerfully consider the information, and explain you tried to research and came up short. Don't give your power away though. Just thank them for their concern. Do what's best for your family. Like I said, kids and bunnies are priceless and precious memories. I would choose them over an opinion of a guy who in the stream of time, won't care about robbing your kids and you of that family activity.

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