I'm one of those people who...

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  • teejay

    -- thinks rather than feels.

    -- doesn't care about awards or what people think of him

    -- wonders if living for principle is really worth it

    -- tends to let life happen to him

    -- was born to be a Dad

    -- worries too much about the future

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    1. loner, but enjoys company with a few kewl people

    2. crusty on the outside, mushy on the inside

    3. philosophizer/analyzer/diplomat

    4. like to make others happy, whatever it takes (within reason)

    5. nurturer

    6. avoids confrontations, but when pushed into a corner, comes out butting with horns to the fore

    7. imaginative/creative

    8. thinker

    9. non-materialistic, would rather just be comfortable

    10. fly by the seat of my pants thru life

    Frannie B

  • Robdar

    is supposed to be highly intelligent but does stupid things,

    is creative,

    a thinker,

    a loner with extrovert tendencies,

    has papers to prove I am odd (myer-briggs says I am 1 percentile),

    doesn't believe in linear time,

    doesn't believe in atheists,

    likes to cuddle but can't find anybody to cuddle with,

    is spiritual but rather far out with certain theological doctrines,

    has started engaging in whirling dervish activities with the Sufis,

    has recently discovered a new medium for art--colored pencils (too easy really. time to experiment with oils),

    wants to start sky diving,

    is really very lonely and spends too much time on the computer.


  • SheilaM

    I'm an artist that takes for ever to create and then nit-pics her work to death

    I am a good Mother that never realized that till her last child left home and still have those scary "did I scar them emotionally" thoughts

    I am empathetic and intuitive to a scary sometimes debilitating degree, this also takes the fun out of mystery stories and movies since I can "sense" what happens and I am always right....Thunder just sighs at me LOL On 9/11 while everyone thought it was an "accident" I sat in front of the tv telling him "it's terrorism he laughed for about an hour until they announced it was terrorismalso that is not a good feeling. We went on a motorcycle ride to see my Dad and step=mom cause Thunder wanted to, on the way there I kept having this weird feeling then it became a chant in my head "we are going to hit a deer we are going to hit a deer' I was freaking so I had Thunder stop for a minute, we rode about a mile and a deer had just crossed we would have been right there had I not stopped. Also it was the only deer we saw and I was fine after that ....

    I love my family and am generous to a fault

    I love animals

    I also am a lot less happy than I appear but I was conditioned as a child to smile smile smile

  • arrowstar

    - gives without holding back

    - believes the good in everyone (which had bitten me in the ass more than once)

    - makes things happen

    - nurtures

    - has what's been called "an infectious laugh"

    - re-folds the hand towels in the bathroom if they don't "look" right (OCB?...nah)

    - can throw a great birthday/dinner party

    - can't wait for hockey season to start

    - deeply appreciates the good people here for making her feel so welcome

    - really needs to get back to work...


  • Elsewhere
    . . .needs to be accepted and liked. . (even if it means sending naked pictures to them )

    Whoa is me... Whoa is me... I'm sooooo depressed.... No one loves me...

    *** Eagerly watching email inbox ***

  • nilfun

    ...has accepted my solitary nature

    ...believes in fairies

    ...is grateful to have been granted a home filled with the laughter of children

    ...has done some very stupid things but loves meself anyway

    ...has a goofy smile

    ...cannot do without a beautiful bedroom

    ...believes that cloud-watching is an essential

    ...talks to animals

    ...loves people

    ...is paranoid about getting harrassed by the police

    ...watches movies that make me cry

    ...knows what it is to be hungry and without a home, and will never forget it

    ...is a hella good shower singer

  • talesin

    ... is far too serious

    ... loves to wear costumes

    ... constant reader

    ... parties till the money's gone

    ... can help other's figure out their stuff, has a hard time with mine

    ... loves to create, stuck lotsa the time

    ... will go swimming, anytime, anywhere

    ... is fearless ('cept for spiders & stalkers)

    ... loves animals, Elvis & Johnny

    ... never sleeps (yawn)

    ... still here on the Planet, wonders why


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