Who is partaking of the upcoming memorial in April 15, 2022

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  • waton
    I am just partaking for the sake of it. bola

    great idea, sake is great Japanese wine, beats merlot, chianti any time . but why do you want to buy into that whole balled up wt doctrinal package along with it?

  • TonusOH

    Just grab some crackers and grape juice, and punch that ticket to heaven!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Yes I will be, but at home privately as I've been doing for some years. The ceremony at the hall I only go to for family and is completely unrelated in my mind. I wouldn't want to 'partake' there as it has a whole different connotation to JWs than to most Christians.

  • RolRod

    I find it interesting that you guys are critical of him partaking with the JWs making comments like:

    "Why would someone want to take part in their rituals after disassociating from them?

    Sounds like you’ve never really left."

    And ...

    "Why would anyone even want to visit a KH after 5 years out?"

    Seems like most here haven't left either. You sit at your computers discussing the Witnesses, you haven't moved on.

    So of you been "out" longer than you've been "in" and the JWs are still part of your life.

  • ozziepost


    Well, you’re still here too! 😛

    Actually everyone here has their own story but in my case I ‘joined up’ from the former H2O and then on JWD laterJWN formed a tremendous attachment to many posters who, like me, had their own experience of the Borg.

    In my case I’ve been away a while caring for my sick wife (Mrs Ozzie) but in all my quarter century after leaving the Borg I’ve made a different and fulfilling life. My interest in the Borg continues because of family circumstances but it would be wrong to think “I can’t let go” because I have and in my new world the Borg is irrelevant.

    Twenty something years ago I formed connections with some people here which I still treasure.

    My advice would be to allow yourself to do the same.


    Ozzie 🍷

  • smiddy3

    Well said ozziepost and I have been out since 1993 , and I have made many friends outside of the religion .

    And I`ve certainly made a life for myself just ask my wife LOL. without falling into debauchery or anything else the fear mongering JW`s preach that anyone who leaves is going to fall into.

    RR , You were only in the religion for 10 years right ? however you have been on this site for 6 years ???

    Take care

  • punkofnice
    ozzie - @RolRod Well, you’re still here too!

    Exactly. I think 'projection' is the term I'd use.

    I have no intention of justifying my position either, so don't bother asking.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with your post. Many of us are long and happily gone from the JW religion.

    We come on here out of curiosity and also because there are many Newbies leaving the religion who deserve to hear our stories. We have felt everything they are feeling. The religion would love if ex-JWs went away silently and didn’t speak of their experience! Also, some ex-JWs are hung up on proving how ‘over it’ they are!

    I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I like talking about my negative experience in the religion because I don’t think it’s talked about enough. After what I have read about what’s happened in the religion in the 21 years I’m out, I’m very Glad I’m no longer there. If I were there now I would be a target of too many desperate fools waiting for Armageddon to solve their problems because they were led to believe they didn’t need to work to plan for retirement.👎 I’d run in the opposite direction from these people.

  • Foolednomore

    I look at it this way, some people are still stuck in the cult. If they feel they need to partake, I can really care less. Their life is no longer my life. Partake all you want, enjoy the craziness.

  • waton
    is completely unrelated in my mind. I wouldn't want to 'partake' there as it has a whole different connotation to JWs than to most Christians. nbd:

    here is what occurred to me: WT is asking the attendees to make the ultimate sacrifice, that is to forego the right to everlasting life on earth, that is made possible by the ransom, the blood of the new covenant.

    the anointed of the overlapping generation accept the emblems, but sacrifice the right to everlasting life in favour of the immortal upward calling, as did jesus the "second Adam" btw.

    you reject the emblems, you reject the ransom they symbolize.

    wt is asking everyone to make the ultimate sacrifice, in their "worship the anointed elite" ploy.

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