Watchtower No.3 2017 - The Four Horesmen

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  • pale.emperor

    his is the first time I've read through a Watchtower magazine in about a year. Although I've been out only 8 months it really hit me how crazy i must have sounded when i was a JW talking to non JWs.

    While other bible based religions talk about the 4 horsemen and back up their theories with other scriptures or historical evidence, the Watchtower has taken so such steps. 1914 is thrown in there as if it's universally agreed that Jesus started ruling since then.

    Even when i was a JW i never really understood why, if the pale horse represents Jesus, why is he first? Surely the prince of peace should come AFTER the other horses to rectify war, pestilence and death?

  • tor1500


    The 4 horsemen are to bring in the great wrath...if read properly, not through the eyes of any org. or religion. The first horsemen is not Jesus...the way this horsemen is described he was on a white horse...doesn't mean white is right...or peace...also, the lamb opened up the can he ride out & then come back to open up the other seals and call out...& still keep riding...what's the purpose of calling out the first horseman ?

    &&& This would be a great comment...the 1st horsemen has a bow without an arrow....what good is a conquerer without an arrow...what happens does Jesus get off the horse and hit his enemies...and if that happens that means he has to continuously get off his org. got this all wrong...but if any of us is alive in a few years this too will be a new light of understanding...but maybe not...because this will show how they misrepresented Jesus....nah, that wouldn't go down would be like admitting 1914 is wrong....but you never know...

    Wonder if anyone will notice the illustration doesn't match the scripture....maybe a lurker will...

    This is clear that you can tell the rank and file anything...but I think many already know that this illustration isn't true but why upset the apple cart...they belong, they are accepted and protected....this is where they get their worth and self esteem even though they need others to give them self esteem, but if others have to give you self esteem, how is that SELF esteem.


  • tor1500


    &&& forgot to add that Jesus is the sword...the sword usually comes out of his mouth....that's what most of the scriptures say about Jesus...


  • punkofnice

    I see Jesus began riding in 1914 and will 'SOON(TM)' finish. Blimey, he must feel knackered by now. Long ride!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Believe what the Watchtower says on this and you can believe anything. . .hocus pocus is far more entertaining than reality.


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    What ever happened to..

    JW`s Knocking On Your Door..

    Then Running Away?..

  • tepidpoultry
  • Finkelstein

    The last book of the bible Revelation is full of " Fictional " ancient mythology.

    The WTS and its leading men have been fear mongering with their publishing house for over 140 years and guess what ...... ?

    Nothing has happened as they said would happen, but nevertheless they did exploit the belief in the bible and sell a whole lot of magazines and books.

  • jookbeard

    madness isnt it, these 4 Horseman written by a loon with a far too vivid imagination dont affect anyone, never will do.Their definition of the Pale horse is laughable

  • btlc

    1st White Horse - Jesus Christ, started in October 1914
    2nd Fiery-colored horse - World War, started in July 1914
    So, 2nd is prior to 1st, if we take time lineary...

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