I 'm back!!!!!

by orangefatcat 15 Replies latest jw friends


    Lovely colour!

    Awesome sunsets when I look into your direction just a bit northwest of me.

    Glad to read you are well.

    Nice to see you back!

  • drwtsn32

    Hi orangefatcat... I've only been here a few months and don't think I've met you. So... nice to meet you.

  • orangefatcat

    Oh this fatcat is one happy puddy cat. Thanks for making my comeback a happyone. Thanks Joy for the lovely photo. Cute.. Its so good to feel your love.

    Mouthy: my dear friend. I am okay. And no I have heard nothing from Peter Stride. Better checkup on that fellow.

    RazorBlade, yes living up this way is pretty good.

  • orangefatcat

    Thanks for all your great welcomes. I appreciate it very much. Some how my message was posted when I wasn't finished. Just wanted to welcome the newones and ty for your kind remarks.

    It was interesting that some of you were just thinking of me and all of a sudden I appear. It must be magic I THOUGHT OF ALL YOU GUYS DURING THESE LAST FEW MONTHS. YOUR MY HERO's

    Well this feline is happy again. Luv ya all. Oh Joy crack open a bottle of wine its a celebration.

    orangefatcat (terry)

  • Swan

    What's new pussy cat?

    (always wanted to say that)

    Welcome Back!

  • Joyzabel

    LOL @ Swan, cute!!

    Glad you are back, OFC, and yes, I hid some wine for you. hehe

    <hiding from Sur...whaterver the name is, you are right, I stole that pic you posted for OFC. Thank you.


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