Is It Israel or Palestine??

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  • minimus

    Does Palestine actually exist? Does Israel have the right to exist!

  • SAHS

    I guess they’ll keep fighting it out to determine that.

  • cofty

    Yes of course Israel has a right to exist.

    The case for a homeland for the Jewish diaspora was already strong before the Holocaust. Opposition to Israel by Islamic nations was met by astonishing success by Israel in 1948 and '67.

    Israel's reaction to ongoing threats from its neighbours has at times been excessive and cruel resulting in terrible suffering that results in more hatred, more attacks and even more harsh reactions and so on....

    Here is an interesting thought experiment though. If Hamas and Hezbollah unilaterally ceased all hostilities and put all its weapons beyond use tomorrow there would be peace and increasing prosperity all round. If Israel did the same it would be wiped off the map and once again become a victim of genocide.

  • minimus

    So much hatred of Jews. And I mean Hatred!

  • cofty

    It's a particular problem in the UK among supporters of the Left wing opposition party led by Jeremy Corbyn. Dave Rich has written an excellent book on the topic - 'The Left's Jewish Problem'.

    The left have were traditionally supporters of Israel. Then they began to define themselves in terms of support for the 'oppressed minority'. Israel began to be equated with the Apartheid movement in South Africa and Palestine became the cause celebre of western socialism.

    They hide behind the lie that they only oppose Zionism and not Jews but when you dig into the journals and books intended for socialist audiences it is obvious that anti-zionism is nothing but a veil for Jew-hatred.

    Incidentally I have never spoken with a conspiracy theorist who was not also an anti-semite.

  • rickroll

    Israel has Nukes. And more than a few. They would turn Iran and the Saudi's to glass if the threat was real. The Palestinian have shown them self to be unwilling to work with any solutions outside of all Jews walking into the sea. So they will get more death and destruction.

  • peacefulpete

    Last week a couple posters decried that any critique of a black person was being twisted into racism. Now when people point out that Israel has flouted international law by occupying and settling land either declared international territory or Palestinian land the same people announce that such critiques are anti-Semite racism.

    First, apart from Israel, to my knowledge every nation in the UN agrees that Israel's current policy is wrong. Even the US.

    If we go back to 1947, yes the Allies screwed the pooch. It was done out of sympathy and/or religious zealotry. That is now the past. Every nation has shameful history and it is just circle jerking to imagine it will be reversed.

    The question is now how to get these Semite peoples (yes, Jews and Arabs are both Semite) to just stop poking each other. Flouting international law at the expense of the Palestinians and use of excessive force is not helping the cause of peace. Of course neither are the terror attacks from the other side!

    And there is plenty of actual anti-Semitism to go around, the far right and far left have the same disease.

  • WTWizard

    Israel is supposed to abide by the same rules as everyone else. Yet, why do they get away with so much that, any other country doing it, would result in heavy sanctions? Israel has its nukes. Didn't we go into Iraq in 2003 because they were suspected of having nukes, ruin that country and its government, and then find out that they didn't have the nukes after all? And Iran--why are we going in to stop peaceful nukes (as in, nuclear power) in Iran because of some treaty clause? Since when is Israel above reproach?

    And, why is Israel above being criticized for things they deserve to be criticized for? Palestine today, the whole Middle East (including northeast Africa, to boot) tomorrow? Or, the whole of Europe? Where does this s*** stop? And, what about giving Hitler a FAIR trial instead of making questioning the holocaust or its extent a crime that can yield 20 year jail terms? Just that such harsh punishments for questioning something is more than enough for me to wonder if the whole thing is a lie. After all, the real truth does not need such protection to exist. Nor does the real truth need robots that defend it with "You are so bigoted" type comments in order to be sustained. Any more than did the washtowel "truth" need defending by extreme measures such as jokehovian witlesses take against anyone that question it.

    As I see it, the truth offends anyone that depends on lies for sustenance.

  • rickroll

    Ya because the Jews go over to the Palestinians area and use suicide bombs to kill them and they shoot rockets randomly at them, oh wait that is the Palestinians. Pete, you are being obtuse on purpose or by lack of understanding. It does not matter if giving the Jews Palestine was right or wrong it is and we all have to deal with what is. Its about as stupid as saying we need to give Manhattan and the Black Hills back to the Indians. LMAO Or the insanely stupid idea of reparations to some black who may or may not be a decedent of someone who was a slave 165 years ago. Try living in the now. I would bet you dimes to dollars that if the Palestinians stopped firing rockets into Israel and stop the suicide bombing and attacks that there would be instant peace. Until then I hope the Jews bomb the crap out of them.

  • Simon

    The left seems to be deeply entwined in anti-semitism.

    Palestinians have thrown away endless chances for peace, they elect idiots, they reap misery. Unfortunately, the elections are not always fair because there is a funded mob ensuring that anti-jewish state terrorists get elected.

    Israel has shown incredible restraint. They are the only country in the region that offers a modern, progressive, society.

    The rest are shit-holes.

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