Don't be too Christian, you'll raise red flags

by neat blue dog 21 Replies latest jw experiences

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    zeb - "I use the name Jehovah moderately. The New Testament writers didn't use the Name casually, because Christians are supposed to be adopted as God's sons figuratively. People generally don't call their dad by his first name, it's viewed as disrespectful. So I mostly say God and/or Father."

    As a similar example, you probably wouldn't address the Queen of England as "Elizabeth", either.

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    zeb - "It used to gall me at conventions when we would be 'Jehovah-ed' to death by self-righteous prayer givers who it seemed tried to out 'jehovah' the last person."

    Yup, the older I got, the more it felt like constant mental conditioning.

    And not even good conditioning, either.

    More like heavy-handed amateur dead-horse-beating.

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