Don't be too Christian, you'll raise red flags

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  • stillin

    I'm not gay but I was assigned a TMS part about homosexuality. I pointed out how true Christians are not to shun or treat gays with disdain. This could be your own brother or sister or somebody who you have always liked and only recently realized that this person is homosexual, actually a friend. Sure, it puts a new slant on the friendship, but they re still the person that you love!

    Shock waves! Hahaha!

  • nowwhat?

    That my boy is probably why they changed the tms to this lame presentation format. No room to ad lib

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    May the lice from a billion decaying monkey turds fly into the underpants of the Governing body.

    Wow that's a very vivid thought 😅

    That my boy is probably why they changed the tms to this lame presentation format. No room to ad lib

    Well they still do have one normal 6 minute talk a month where you get more creative freedom, but they only let a few brothers in my hall do that. We'll see how long I stay on the list, my days may be numbered 🤐

  • truth_b_known

    Want to see their heads explode? Slip this term in a comment sometime - Grace.

  • Spiral

    My experience in giving talks doesn't really compare, as I am but a lowly sister, only ever allowed to be on the school. However, when I did give a talk I would try to do something to make it more interesting. I never felt I needed practice, as giving presentations and trainings (which I created and was responsible for) was part of my job, which I enjoyed, and I did it all the time. Giving a little six minute spiel didn't compare.

    Anyway, the last talk I gave I rearranged the order of the information because it was just awkward the way it was listed in the source book. It's very hard to give a talk with no logical progression - I'm sure you guys would agree - so I rearranged it to make it flow better. I got quite the scolding from the brother giving counsel. This was 12 years ago, and after that I never gave another talk, nor did I accept a last minute assignment (from the same brother) like I used to.

    The whole thing just was ridiculous.

    But I can tell you, the rank and file really do appreciate a talk that's given authentically from a brother who cares - versus the scripted stuff they require now. I can remember as a teenager how some of my favorite brothers would give talks really from the heart, and you got a lot out of them. Not any more - people are half asleep at the meetings, it is so boring.

  • stillin

    Do the Circuit Overseers have the opportunity anymore to be encouraging? If they do, I can't tell it from my seat. Same old canned slop.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    CO's still have opportunity to personalize their talks a little bit, (and GB members can a lot), but from what I've seen this freedom is usually only used to advance their own personal theories, philosophies, pet peeves, self righteous interpretations, etc. Nothing really beneficial.

  • JakeM2012

    The religion is all about inciting guilt, pummeling the body to do more. It doesn't matter how much you do, you can do more. You are unworthy of breathing. There is no grace in the religion. You are a "good for nothing slave" and should have done what you have, and even more, you "slackers".

    You will never be able to prove to Jah that you are worthy of everlasting life, but you need to earn it, just disregard what the apostle Paul said. Even after 1000 years of purity, you are still an obvious secret sinner and need to be tested. But even after you are tested, you will never be a son of God. You are human. You should be thankful to clean the toilets at the kingdom hall and mow the grass and shut your mouth. How dare you use your mind to supposedly come up with a "better" way to present the message of guilt and lack of worthiness. You just don't get it. No one should ever feel that they have accomplished anything good, even if they have, everyone has missed the mark and is unworthy. Just take your anti-depressant medicines but don't ever talk to someone worldly that could help you.

    Oh, and you were late to one meeting in 7 years of perfect meeting attendance.

  • nowwhat?

    No wonder the only thing they draw from the new testament is from that " oh what a miserable man man I am" paul

  • Vidiot

    I can relate.

    I was always more comfortable presenting my talks more like lessons in history and/or common-sense.

    People generally seemed to respond well, but there were always a handful who didn't like it, and told me they should be more Jehovah- and Truth-oriented.

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