1919 What???

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  • NikL

    Thanks Magnum.

    I think I get it now.

  • Magnum

    You're welcome. Your question "1919 What???" is still a good one. The whole doctrine centered around 1919 just doesn't work anymore.

    And you might get it now, but I guarantee you a lot, if not most, JWs don't get it. I don't even really try to get it anymore. I used to be a diligent JW student. I kept up with the latest understanding, could reference Watchtower publications like some attorneys can reference case law, etc. However, I wouldn't even want to try to keep up now. It has changed so much. It all seems so flimsy now. Since they sort of abandoned a lot of the type/antitype stuff, I wouldn't know what is official JW teaching, as I'm sure most JWs don't even know. They don't even mention the old, seemingly deeper F Franz publications anymore, so I wouldn't know what from those old publications is still official teaching. It's all so shallow now, and the doctrines seem to not have a foundation as they used to (at least to me), and that becomes more so the case with the passing of time.

    It just doesn't ring true to me anymore and a lot of their doctrinal changes seem to be motivated not by a real, sincere search for truth, but by selfishness.. For example, I believe the change in teaching concerning the identity of the FDS - that it's the GB, not all the anointed on earth - was motivated by a desire for more control, more centralized power. I believe the org was getting unwanted input, questions, gripes, etc. from partakers all over the planet (who were supposedly part of the FDS and had a right to give input), so it looked for a way to shut them up, and it found a way. It changed the doctrine that gave them their voice. After the doctrinal change, the non-GB partakers were demoted - silenced; after the change, they had no more say-so than a pimple-faced microphone carrier.

    I agree with you about the light not getting brighter; in fact, it now seems to me that they don't even have a light.

  • biblexaminer

    Londo1112 days agoThe new light on the "slave" a few years ago was that Jesus did not yet appoint the slave "over all his belongings" yet, but when they get to heaven to join the 144000. However, they still maintain in 1919 that Jesus appointed the slave to serve food at the proper time.

    The problem the Watchtower has is that the verse only mentions the 'second coming' ONCE.

    Whereas, WT teaching has him coming TWICE, the first 'second coming' to 'appoint' in 1919 and another, 2'nd--second coming, (third coming) at the GT.

    Even if one were to accept WT teaching that the leaders were truly appointed (barf) by Christ, there's nothing to establish 1919 or any other time.

    45 “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave [supposed WT dudes] whom his master [Jesus] appointed [past tense] over his domestics, [everyone] to give them their food at the proper time?z46 Happy is that slave [GB] if his master [Jesus] on coming finds him doing so!a47 Truly I say to you, he will appoint him over all his belongings.

  • biblexaminer

    The biggest problem for WT though, is that the new "slave" teaching finds Christ making his first appointment at the end of his journey.

    What "master of the house" would start off on a long journey away from the estate and leave NOBODY in charge for the bulk of his absence?

    ...only to sneak back "invisibly" just prior to his BIG PUBLIC RETURN and appoint one house member in charge of the entire house, so that when he makes his big entry, he can pat him on the back.

    It's bullshight.

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