1919 What???

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  • Finkelstein

    Funny that a parable has been turned into the basis upon which a group of self-appointed men grab hold of religious authority over other humans.

    But its quite possible for some men with a bit of money and ambition particularly in America were religoius freedom supports these kind of endeavors.

    One could logically discern that if the WTS didn't have a chunk of money left upon the death of C T Russell, leaving other men to take it over ( J Rutherford ) , the JWS religion would never occurred at all or to its existence of what it is today.

  • NikL

    The other that ALWAYS was in my mind about the slave is that the way it's written makes me think that it was BOTH good and evil.

  • Finkelstein

    Under Rutherford's own postulation when he was alive " The Evil Slave " was the people who wouldn't abide and support his take over of the WTS. or his contravening doctrines against C T Russell's established doctrines.

    As its known a large amount of the IBSA members left because of him and his newly created leadership.

  • Londo111

    I remember my grandfather told a story where he was invited in, realized the person was part of the "evil slave" and he basically freaked out.

  • tor1500


    This is just a bunch of double talk, the org. kind of knows that most of the friends won't understand it, only that it's a new light, & they will never let on they don't know what the heck the org. is talking about. But bet ya, they will pretend they understand it...but this is how you can find out if they understand it...Ask a JW...what exactly happened in 1919 ?


  • NikL

    I sure like Rutherturds wheels though Finkelstein.

    I would imagine that would be the equivalent of a Rolls or a Bentley by today's standards.

    And they used to blast televangelists.

  • Magnum

    "So the slave was appointed in 1919...then it wasn't...then it was."

    No, that's not what the publications are saying. Londo111 mentioned this in his first post on this thread. The 2013 Watchtower says that the appointment of the slave over all the master's belongings did not occur in 1919; the article does not say that the slave wasn't appointed in 1919. The God's Kingdom Rules book is referring to the org's current teaching that the slave was appointed (in general) in 1919; that does not conflict with the Watchtower article, which says the slave was not appointed over all the master's belongings in 1919.

    So, to summarize, the org says that a small group of anointed men was appointed as the faithful and discreet in 1919, but that this slave wasn't appointed over all the master's belongings at that time; it will be appointed over all the master's belongings in the future - during the great tribulation. In other words the slave was appointed in 1919, but will be given a greater appointment or enlarged responsibility ("over all the master's belongings") during the future great tribulation.

  • ScenicViewer

    Beautiful explanation Magnum.

  • Finkelstein

    In other words the slave was appointed in 1919, but will be given a greater appointment or enlarged responsibility ("over all the master's belongings") during the future great tribulation.

    So Jesus still had chosen Rutherford and Russell even though they were teaching and professing many false doctrines during the late 1800's century and all throughout the 20th century

    ummmm something wrong here. ???

    Its correct to say the WTS creates its own self supporting propaganda and when you have your own publishing house and now your own video broadcast facilities, its much more easier.

  • Phizzy

    If you ever get in to a discussion with a JW about this, eventually they fall back on stupidity like "well they have proved themselves by what they have done since to be the FDS".

    The salient point is that this idea of a choosing around 1918/9 relies entirely on 1914 being correct.

    Ask a JW to prove 1914, sit back, and prepare to snigger and chortle.

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