The best way for a witness to wake up, is to simply read the societies own older publications!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Once again the society is on a push to scare witnesses away from doing any research, or "stumbling" upon any "apostate" material (from workmates, neighbors, or online)

    However, the most enlightening, mind blowing and eye opening things are found simply by reading the early publications themselves!

    Read how CT Russel, (the supposed channel God was using) had the most far fetched and laughable ideas, such as obtaining pivotal dates by measuring the pyramids of Egypt!... Then learn about how Rutherford also felt that "the ancient worthies" would return to live with him in a big house called "bethsarim" in the USA.

    Then read the ever changing doctrines ....

    yep, no need to stray into "scary apostate" sites...the society has its own apostate material contained in the pages of history!

  • OneEyedJoe

    What did it for me was actually reading stuff they've quoted in the original context. That doesn't even require sourcing hard-to-find old publications, and in many cases they actually (brazenly!) cited the source, practically daring you to fact-check.

    Honestly, I don't know if reading CTR's stuff would've actually woken me up. It's all so obviously insane and idiotic that I would probably have convinced myself that an apostate wrote it and was trying to pass it off as having been written by CTR. Since it's so old, it would be difficult to verify authenticity (at least to the satisfaction of a paranoid, indoctrinated cult member) so it would be easy for the indoctrinated mind to dismiss.

    Everybody's different...what does it for one person won't even make the next guy flinch.

  • punkofnice

    Just watch the bunker video at the RC. If that isn't enough to wake JWs up, then I don't know what is.

    Each piece of video propaganda that issues forth from the paedophile protecting rock star popes is weirder than the last.

    How out of touch with reality are the 7 'glorious ones(tm)'?

  • pronomono

    All of these played a part for me. Changing teachings led me to look at old teachings. I realized these old teachings were batshit crazy. Then when I found out how they obscured the truth about these teachings by using half-truths and misleading quotes, it pushed me over the edge and I started searching for everything I could find wrong about the organization. Not to mention many of the new videos (bunker ones included) that are filmed in a soap-opera style when we are told not to watch soap operas. Why imitate something that you denounce?

    I remember as a kid reading the Life book on how even Charles Darwin thought evolution was preposterous and laughing at how stupid evolutionists were. Now I realize the jokes on me, and I'm not laughing anymore.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I'm a witness. I'm a newbie....but know TTATT. I talk to a long time witness daily...we talk about all the changes in the org. She says there have been so many changes but....OK, EVERYONE, HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS..She says at least the org. is humble enough to admit they have a new understanding, & admit they were wrong, other places of worship wouldn't do that....So there you got it folks...that is what most witnesses think...or should I say the majority. They commend the org. for the "NEW LIGHT". What I really want to say is, other religions don't do it because they don't change their doctrine, like JW's do...if it's a lie, they stick with it...if you disagree, keep it to yourself. Or change churches. You can also voice it to your pastor, he or she may say we can't know everything or something like that. I have heard many preachers say, he you don't believe me just go to your bible & check me.

    I'm not saying older publications wouldn't open their eyes, but many were alive when some of the stuff was written. Many were around in 1975...I remember one brother said from the platform that it was supposed to be the end in 1975 & he is still here.

    For JW's this is the last gas station before the desert....I think PRIDE is what keeps most in. They can't admit this may not be God's org. & that some of their doctrine, you can poke holes in it. Arrogance is another problem. Even though the org. admits they are wrong, but the individual can't.

    I know this is not God's only's just one of them...I wouldn't be so arrogant, that God looked down & looked at Penn. & said...yep, I choose them. NO..Remember Jehovah is not partial.

    I don't care if this not God's org. I am developing my own relationship w/Jehovah & Jesus...

    This journey is ours...the org. or any place of worship can only give you pieces, you have to take those pieces to God...& this is where YOU form your only relationship.

    I see many here are mad at God, because of the org. Remember it wasn't God that did anything to you, it was a human(s) that spoke for God...Many think God is in our image but it's the other way around...When they say God said this or was actually them.

    What I have learned Man will let you down every time...

    I think many may know the ttatt, that is why there are so many depressed sick witnesses...I've said it all over this forum...they are not depressed but suppressed. Your body will turn on you if you suppress your thoughts...

    Again, I know ttatt. What I find that works is when they say the org. said this or that before but now it's a new light...Then I ask, where did they get the original old light from, was it bible based ? They stutter then say, they don't remember...then I'll say...don't worry I'll find it....crickets (lol)...why crickets, because they know it's not in the bible..

    In my comments, I plant little tiny seeds...& when I say them, I hear a low ummm...then at the end of the meeting...they say, Hey sis, I never really thought of it that way...In my head secretly... I say...that's your problem, you checked your brain at the door. You should have left your troubles at the door & brought your brain with you.


  • blondie

    First book I read was the Finished Mystery book, my highlighter was busy then, it made me read Russell's books (FM was a bunch of Russell's compiled by 2 Bible Students); then Rutherford's books, the Way to Paradise, etc. Who needs to read "apostate" books when the real ones are so outrageous. When the Proclaimers book came out in 1993 the WTS split up the stories so it would be in several pieces all over. But some busy jws took the time and it led them out eventually.

    It takes time to marinate though....I did not stop going completely until 2001 after 8 years.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Here's a valuable resource:

    Most titles are available in both hardcopy (printed) and e-book format.

  • BluesBrother

    I wish it were that simple. What is obvious to us, is behind a veil to the blinkered dub.

    My family of "old-school " Witnesses just love the old CTR & Rutherford books. They read them and say how much better the lines of thought are presented then in the junior school level paperbacks of today. "Of course the thinking has changed since then and some of it is way off beam , but they really had spirituality " ...they say

    I give up !

  • fiddler

    Blonde, you nailed it "it takes time to marinate"! As I was reading tor1500's post I was thinking a lot said in that post sounded like me in the 1980's thru 1990's. I was not trying to find fault with the organization? I was trying to strengthen my own faith. The Greatest Man book really got me reading the gospel accounts about Jesus much more closely and then I started using the law of Love as a measuring standard for everything I was seeing in the congregations and reading in the literature. I did start going back over old publications like the Commentary on James...boy did I get blasted for bringing up That book by one of the pioneers! I had no idea why she was so adamant against a publication that was, to me 'spiritual food', set out by the governing body for us. There was nothing in that little book that was not scriptural and that went against the law of love, in fact, it reinforced the kind of love I felt Jesus was trying to teach. I found out years later that Ray Franz had a big hand in that little book. No wonder ms. Pioneer was so miffed! Anyway, as has been noted, all those little things are part of the marinade but boy, what an 'aha moment' when it all came together!

  • Aroq

    "Remember it wasn't God that did anything to you, it was a human(s) that spoke for God..." - tor1500


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