What happened in 1995?

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    Further to my post: there was a loss of a considerable amount of people in the religion in the years following this 1995 teaching on Generation. There were a great many vacant seats in many Kingdom Halls....I suspect somebody got a bright idea about how to bring more people into the religion and fill those empty seats : they started studies with homeless types and other people with serious "issues"...Who knows what kind of promises they made to these people?

    You weren't around to know this, but the whole demographic of the religion has changed from thirty years ago when there were more responsible types there... My question: did they think they were going to inflict unsavory or dangerous persons with serious issues on other people in the hall??...Answer: they weren't inflicting them on ME...Glad to be done with this insanity.

  • freddo

    That last post of LongHairGal is right on the money.

    Looking back it was from that point on (late 1990's) the only people (besides born-ins) that "progressed" to becoming JW's were the troubled, depressed and frankly, mental types. This was explained "round my way" as those "sighing and crying".

    The old school core is dying off or moving into care homes. We are left with the "born-in" generation who don't remember 1995 to run the show - badly - and mainly older sisters (who live a bit longer than men on average) awaiting the resurrection.

    What a shabby mess the JW religion is.

    It's like a turd rolled in glitter.

  • truth_b_known

    I remember it very well. There was even newspaper articles in which Witnesses who quit over it were quoted. Yes - as a born in who grew up in the 80's and graduated high school in the 90's we were taught to believe that this "system of things" would pass away in the time span of a generation (70 or 80 years) from 1914. The new "overlapping generations" teaching is a direct result of the fact that Armageddon had not come by 1994.

  • pale.emperor

    Thanks guys. I wanted to get a clear understanding from those who actually remembered it. I'd like to say that if i were my 32yo self back in 1995 that i'd wake up and leave but probably not. When they brought in the overlapping generation teaching only a few years ago, i remember reading it in the Watchtower, i remember sitting i the KH studying it but not even noticing what it was they were saying. It was a major teaching that no one in the KH was even paying attention to. It's seems we all just go to the KH on Sunday because that's what we do. And we study this magazine because that's what we've always done.

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    James Jack

    If you do a Wikipedia search on "Generation", it will say 20 to 40 years long. Jesus first application of the term "Generation" was applied in the year of 33 C.E. when he mentioned the destruction of Jerusalem. It happened 37 years later in 70 C.E., when Jerusalem was destroyed, well within the correct terminology of the word "generation", not what the Watchtower made up and ongoing changing definition is.

  • Finkelstein

    The conclusion to this change is honestly connected to the fact that " This Generation " usage ran out based from 1914 forward. No "New Light" necessary.

    If one were to use a generation as spoke about by Jesus as a entire life span of a human being 100 +

    well that time has just about passed.

    There is a solid and tangible reason why most Christian based faiths never pin point a time or date of Christ's return or proclaim the GT and Armageddon is soon.

    But then again most Christian based religions don't have a publishing house operating at its core.

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