Love Among Yourselves?

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    You have to wonder why a congregation which claims to have love among itself would not do something to help this poor off member of the congregation. Oh wait a minute, they preached to him, got him in, so now he's on his own - just like all the rest of them!

  • LongHairGal


    Speaking from the perspective of someone who is no longer in the religion, I would have to say (to my knowledge) there are no soup kitchens or anything to help the needy in the JW religion.

    Not only are you ‘on your own’, but the religion hampers people by telling them not to get college or careers. So, there are not very many JWs with decent jobs. In addition, many of the older responsible people are dying off.

    The problem I have with JWs doing prison witnessing is that they are probably making promises to potential converts and saying ‘it’s a brotherhood’ and they’re ‘going to be taken care of’.. I know this is what I was told when I was new..This is a FALLACY.. In fact, their solution to the problem is to hit up whatever few responsible types are left in the congregation for money, goods, cheap apts, etc.

    To further add to the problem, there are probably other needy JWs in the congregation:..pioneers and others who did not work sufficiently to provide for their retirement. There are too many needy JWs with their hands out.

    I wish this person luck but he needs to go to another church of Christendom which at least have provisions to help needy people in the community.

  • stillin

    When a sister's home burned down, the elders were taking up a collection for her. That was nice, but I said that I would prefer to hand her my part in person. The brothers weren't so happy about it but why shouldn't she know who, exactly, did what. Instead of a vague "the congregation got this much together to help you out."

    I have been browbeaten so many times when I've brought somebody's plight to the elders. "This is primarily the family's responsibility." " But the family isn't doing anything." "It's the family's responsibility. That is Jehovah's theocratic arrangement. You stay out of it, Stillin."

  • zeb

    and i saw an elders wife get a "health Care Card' so she could get cheap food from the Food Bank; and he was working FT in a well paid job. I dont know what bs she spun the doctor who signed her up for the card.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    stillin I know what you mean. The last time I went to a meeting I ask the P.O. if the elders could help me with my mother by talking to her to listen she needed help. After my dad died she went down mentally to the point she was violent and was telling everyone in the congregation my wife broke into her bank and stole all her money also she was having orgy's in her living room. Some of the elders were believing it. I was told by the P.O. it was not their responsibility and it was up to me to take care of her. She was so out of control there was nothing I could do. Also I had to tell the P.O. if my my wife had indeed broke into her bank and stole her money don't you think the FBI would be at our front door. Idiots all of them. I got up from my chair and walk out and never set foot in a kingdom hall ever again. My mom is now 96 and has been in a nursing home for 8 years. So violent they keep her in a lock down area of the home and has no idea who she is or any of her children or grand children. I have been told she mostly sleeps all day and night. Hurt, hurt, hurt. Still Totally ADD

  • blondie

    Not having love among themselves, it is the primary reason I left 20 years ago and never went back.

    I have too many examples, my own and others I know to list here.

    Actions speak louder than words was my motto

  • FedUpJW

    Before he died my dad due to loneliness after my mothers death began to get pretty grouchy. An "elder" came by and told me I should just put him in a home. At the time that was not an option as my dad was still perfectly able to care for himself. The "elder" said that he had offered to, "have your father's suit cleaned," and he told me to, "mind your own business."

    I told the "elder", "That was sure nice of you. He will die of loneliness, but at least he will be buried in a clean suit! No go away!"

    My father had a saying before he died, "They have 'love' on their lips, but none in their hearts!" Yes, actions speak louder than words. Today's typical JW is nothing if not a hypocrite!

  • ShirleyW
    My father had a saying before he died, "They have 'love' on their lips, but none in their hearts!"

    If ever asked to describe the JWs just use above sentence

    When my mother died, I knew the folks in the Cong were not going to come and visit me like they did when my dad died at my mothers house, however I must say just "3" did stop by the day after but I wasn't home. Only 2 phone calls from folks who called who knew my family for decades. HOWEVER, my aunt of course told a few of her friends that she lost her sister, and three of her friends who I never met or could identify if my life depended on it called me and offered their condolences. Which phone calls do you think meant more to me, the big two (out of hundreds from the same Cong my mom went to) that knew my family forever, or the three from people I don't even know and the Borg would call them "worldly people"?

    Like Blondie said above, action speaks louder than words.

  • Finkelstein

    From one JWS to another this so called love within the membership is structured upon fake pretentiousness.

    I dont remember seeing a lot money hand outs to unfortunate ones in the congregations I attended.

  • hoser

    There was a former pioneer that my oldest sister told me about.

    He developed some kind of disease that affected his motor skills, probably ALS but I’m not sure. His jw wife left him for another man but this brother kept going to the meetings faithfully even though he was in a wheelchair and would shake all the time and was barely coherent in his speech.

    My sister and her husband used to give him rides to the meeting but a new CO came to town and instructed that no one should bring this faithful brother to the Kingdom Hall anymore that he could listen in on the telephone tie in.

    The brother started hiring a cab to pick him up at the care home and bring him to and from the Kingdom Hall because he wanted to attend. The next visit of the CO he instructed the elders to tell all the cab companies in town that this disabled brother wasn’t welcome at the Hall.

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