November 2019 Watchtower - My highlights

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  • Vidiot


  • FedUpJW

    the new donation arrangement is in effect this week.. $3.50 per publisher x # of publishers every month for 12 months

    Gee, someone got of cheap. Where I am at they had to pony up $14.50 (US) per pub.

  • Spiral

    @FedUpJW, wow, that is actually a lot of money to a lot of JWs in the US. A family of three would have to donate $522 a year. Not a lot of money, unless you are already sitting at or just above the poverty line in the US. Plus add in the cost of gas for service, hotels at conventions, etc.

    Is this tithing?

    But wait - if I ask that to the JWs I know, they'll just think (especially after this article) I'm an apostate trying to ruin their hope of paradise. Sheesh!

  • BluesBrother


    What donation arrangement is this ?

    I have never heard of dubs being given a set amount that they had to donate.


  • blondie

    BB, I think this is a so-called suggestion by the WTS, once only suggested to the elders by the COs or WTS directly. In the past, this technique was used by the WTS to pressure elders/BOEs. While individual tithing may not be the case yet, evidently it is possible to unofficially let BOEs know what their "fair" share should be. Now that the WTS has more access to the congregation banks accounts, could the WTS just take the amount out of the account? Perhaps in some future 1984 situation?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Because our enemies will try to divide us by means of lies and misinformation.

    Lies about breaking up families.

    Lies about child abuse settlements and awards for MILLION$.

    Lies about building new Kingdumb Halls.

    Lies about Million Who Will Never Die who are (you guessed it) DEAD.

    Lies about running out of money that Sophia needs to give up her ice cream.

    Image result for money shell game

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