Your favorite Bible version / translation

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  • Truthexplorer
    NKJV is my favourite
  • NeonMadman
    Personally, I prefer the English Standard Version, but the NASB and NIV have their place.
  • berrygerry

    Aside from Outlaw's,



  • smiddy

    If God ,Jehovah ,Yahweh , or whatever YOU want to call him , doesn`t / hasn`t identified which Bible version , translation you should be using after 2000 years , shouldn~t you be concerned ?

    Different Bible Translations do give different interpretations to certain texts .

    Different Bible Translations also have different books

    Some books are regarded by one religion as Apochrypha but not by another religion

    Some Christian Religions have different books than other christian religions,

    We are now over 2000 years since the last books of the Bible were written and this debate is still going on ?

    Where in the world is the GOD of the Bible been these past 2000 years ?, He certainly has not been here .



    The one that translates exactly what the writer meant and said, and NOT what the translator wants to convey.

  • talesin
    I didn't have a Bible in the house for reference, so got this older one at a yardsale (mwah haha, it's probably 'demonized'). It's called The Complete Bible - An American Translation, The University of Chicago Press. It contains additional texts, "The Apocrypha"... quite interesting. : )
  • Fisherman
    I like the NWT rbi8. I think that it is a magnificent masterpiece ( but what do I know ) and read it same as I would a poem. I really enjoyed its allusive literary style, and mastery of the English language it uses to interpret the translation. The NWT highlights by its style of writing that the text refers to more than the context.
  • smiddy

    The Atheists Bible

    The Skeptics Annotated Bible

    My Book Of Bible Stories for children, where it should stay , and like Santa Clause can be put to rest with other fables when their old enough to reason for themselves.


  • atomant
    l had a favorite bible when l was 9 but burnt it.l was sick to death of being dragged along to meetings and made to give talks against my will.When my elder father asked me at the meeting where my bible was l proudly told him l burnt it in front of others out loud.Well ya shoulda seen the looks.l wish l had a video of it.
  • zeb

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