Your favorite Bible version / translation

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  • fulano
    The one with the smoothest paper for loo-use.
  • Saintbertholdt

    From the Word on the Street:

    Genesis 1:1-3
    First off, nothing. No light, no time, no substance, no matter. Second off, God starts it all up and WHAP! Stuff everywhere! The cosmos in chaos: no shape, no form, no function—just darkness ... total. And floating above it all, God’s Holy Spirit, ready to play. Day one: Then God’s voice booms out, ‘Lights!’ and, from nowhere, light floods the skies and ‘night’ is swept off the scene.

    Psalm 34:1-9
    Gonna go on about you, 24/7;
    Applaud, go overboard, drown out heaven.Gonna name-drop that I know you;
    My soul’s gonna show off about you,

    So, come on, let’s amplify, let’s turn it right up!
    Rave on! Let’s give it up for God; let’s give it up.
    I sought you out: you were aready calling, sorting my anxiety,
    Look him in the face- you’ll glisten with God.You’ll gleam, your face’ll scream, “GOD!”
    Joe next door cries out to God- gets his voice heard,Situation sorted, agony aborted

    God’s angel sets up base camp where “respect” is the word;
    Give God respect: you can fully expect safe passage to the top.
    Go on, taste how good God is, feel how strong;
    Look how stunning; smell how pure; listen to the overture
    And sing along, as he sets your senses soaring!
    So hide, deep down inside; confide in him-
    You’ll always know what content meant;
    You give God respect,
    You’ll miss out on nothing you need-
    we’re talking contentment!

  • Laika
    New living translation
  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus
    My favourite is the Voice Bible by the Ecclesia Bible Society.
  • cofty

    King James.

    The content of the bible is fiction but at least the KJ has some beautiful language.

  • Mephis
    If I'm looking for a decent translation of a verse, I tend to look to NIV first.
  • freemindfade

    because its to hard to choose one of these, they are just too good!

  • Watchtower-Free
    Your favorite Bible version / translation

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  • lumberjack
    Do you prefer your native language or what is the most accurate, close to the original?
    I think both have something to it, even localized ones, though they can contain words which just strike me in the eyes, but as long as God's world is living there, and also having ability to test and compare, that I think is really good. Thanks to JW Library and to the other tools.

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