happy people.

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  • out4good4

    My wife went to their annual meeting yesterday but came home okay.

    She knows who is paying all her expenses!

  • stillin

    Some people are just foul without any reason. I try to keep it pleasant at home, and there isn't another man in the whole world who would have my wife, but if she feels foul there is hell to pay. I hate being the hen-pecked husband. Along with her rants she'll throw in enough Jehovah talk to make it seem like she is on the high road, but the fact is that she doesn't act like it. No self control, etc.

    I think that the perfect world that is portrayed by the JW's in their demo's and all make her feel like her life is sub-standard and it's all my fault. She sees other couples driving off in their cars and thinks that they have it so good. So whether or not I have cleaned house, made supper, act like a friend acts or whatever, she sees it as third-rate. And things have gotten to be such a habit that I'm starting to agree with her!

  • stuckinarut2

    I wonder if she is fuelled by her witness friends playing into a martyrdom complex.

    You know, saying things like "oh, how is your husband doing...is he ok? It must be SO HARD for you to put up with such opposition at home..."

    Then she gets home and has been preconditioned to think negatively of you?

  • flipper

    Stuckinarut's theory is spot on I believe. JW's have been preconditioned to think negatively of any inactive marriage mate's that active JW's have. The believing mate IS looked at as a martyr for sure. And looked at in a negative fashion.

    I'm looked at that way from most of my extended JW family - looked at as a " threat " to their alleged " spirituality " . That might be what you're experiencing as well Zeb. Good comment Stuckinarut. Hang in there Zeb- we're here for you. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • scratchme1010

    I cant start to guess as to the cause and hell I am not asking either but I am sure getting sick of it.

    Hello, zeb. In my family there were arguments and raging rants when we weren't in the KH at home, on our way to the KH, and on our way back from the KH. If my mother wasn't picking up a fight with my father, or my father wasn't ranting about the other elders, there were plenty of excuses for them always being bitter, angry and violent.

    Yes, I know well that JWs are not really happy people.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Perhaps things being said and done at the meetings are waking her up and is not happy about it.

  • zeb

    Thanks all. I am warmed by your kindness and stuckin a rut and stillin are correct. The image put up by the org and at conv, and meetings is a put on and she sadly longs for her world(read home) to be like that.

    She needs to drop in on some of these perfect people while they are having a stinking row.

    thank you all again.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Still in:

    Along with her rants she'll throw in enough Jehovah talk to make it seem like she is on the high road, but the fact is that she doesn't act like it. No self control, etc.

    Might it be the Imperfect Men (and Women) Card which they believe entitles them to a "pass?"

    Years ago I noticed that many of the Older witnesses were gentle folk and very kind. It was the younger folk that were not so well behaved and exhibited an almost MPD persona; one personality for the hall and the "brothers" ; the other for everywhere else.

    Yep, Scratch Me 1010 described it well above.


  • _Morpheus

    Never ever kiss her ass. Dont clean the fucking house when shes at a meeting. If she gets to go play all day and do nothing for the family then why the hell should you carry the weight??

    Be a good husband and ask whats wrong. Try to engage her. If she rejects your efforts then let her know her shit wont be tolerated and if she dosent want like it or want to shape up she knows where the door is. Jw women will take every goddamn inch you give them. Dont give into shitty attitudes after shes been neglecting you all day.

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