Who was the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses? JW Org states it was not Russell

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    What a blatant attempt to white wash over the known facts.

    Much of the JWS core doctrines emanated from Russell such the significance of 1914 the return of Christ and the following end times, comes directly from Russell.

    Russell didn't interpret the bible any better that other religions from Christendom but what he did devise and interpret was used to sell and promote the literature he published.

    Russell was a freewheeling charlatan who advocated himself in the public as true bible interpreter ......he wasn't in reality.

    The Watchtower has made over a century of false doctrines, commercially appealing perhaps but false nevertheless. $$$ power and money does lead to corruption

  • Landy
    Willaim Henry Conley, first president of the Watch Tower Society.

    Thanks for that SBF - you learn something new everyday.

  • Finkelstein

    One could say that J Rutherford was the founding member of the JWS who removed the International Bible Students Association title and replaced it with the JWS, who also took over control of the Watchtower Publishing house from Russell..

    This was corrupt alcoholic, adulterer who built a lavish home for himself and his mistress/assistant, drove around in the most expensive cars, who still hung onto Pyramidology in 1919 when he stated that Christ had chosen him and the organization over all other Christian based faiths.

    Yes Christ choose well did he not?


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    Is it right that 1919 -the date of birth of the FDS - is a direct result of the study of Pyramidology and can be only explained with Pyramidology? Is the Pyramid the witness for the date 1919 and not the holy spirit? error.

    whoever made the decision that 1919 is important date, was actually the FDS?
    How did we come to it 1914+5 or 1915+4?

    I cant find 1919 in this book but something about 1910, 1914 and 1915

    This calculation shows A. D . .1915 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble;[not 1914!] for 1542 years B. c. plus 1915 years A.D equals 3457 years.

    It is but four years before the full close of the time of trouble which ends the Gentile times; and when we remember the Lord's words-that the overcomers shall be accounted worthy to escape the severest of the trouble coming upon the world we may understand the reference to be to the anarchoua trouble which will follow October, 1914; but a trouble chiefly upon the Church may be expeCted about 1910 A. D. Is not this a most remarkable agreement between this stone "Witness" and the Bible?

    The dates, October, 1874, and October, 1881, are exact, while the date 1910, though not furnished in the Scriptures, seems more than a reasonable one for some important event in the Church's experience and final testing, while A.D. 1914 is apparently welldefined as its close, after which the world's greatest trouble is due, in which some of the "great multitude" may have a share.

    And in this connedion let us remember that this date limit- A.D. 1914-must not only witness the completion of the seleetionand trial and glorification of the entire body of Christ, but it may also witness the purifying of some of that larger company of consecrated believers who, through fear and faint-heartedness, failed to render acceptable sacrifices to God, and who therefore became more or less contaminated with the world's ideas and ways. Someqfthese, before the end of this period, may come up out of the great tribulation. (Rev. 7: 14.)

    Many such are now being closely bound in with the various bundles of tares for the burning; and not until the fiery trouble of the latter end of the harvest period shall burn the binding cords of Babylon's bond- ยท age shall these be able to malte their cscape-"saved so as by. fire." They must see the utter wreck of Great Babylon and receive some measure of her plagues. (Rev. 18:4.) The four years from 1910 to the end of 1914, indicated thus in the Great Pyramid, will doubtless be a time of "fiery trial" upon the Church (1 Cor. 3:15) preceding the anarchy of the world, which cannot last long ;-"Except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved."-Matt. 24!

    Nor is this all of the wonderful symbolism of the Great Pyramid. Its marvelous harmony with the divine plan is 1till further shown in another remarkable feature. We should expeet that the date of the two great events conneeted with the close of this age, viz., (1) our Lord's second advent and (2) the beginning of the harvest, would in 10me manner be marked at the upper end of the "Grand Gallery,'' even as his death and resurrection are marked The Great Pyramid. 65 by the "Well " at its lower end.

  • steve2

    While Russell took the lead in the Bible education work at that time and was the first editor of The Watchtower, he was not the founder of a new religion.

    Oh, this is the predictable PR drivel of each and every religious group, cult and sect down through the centuries.

    But specifically, it is no surprise coming from an organization that specializes in denying its unabridged history and instead offers a heavily sanitized rendering for official digestion. I remember as a keen young boy defending my "faith" at school by retorting, "We are not Russellites - he is not our founder!" when other kids taunted me about Chuck Russell's dubious legacy.

    JW.org offers a variation on, 'Our founder is not a mere man but Jehovah God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ', etc etc etc. It's as predictable as it is infuriating to those who care about truth. Fact is, Russell was at the helm of the incorporated Watchtower Society and had a major say on the teachings, practices and direction it took. Infamously, he garnered support from most of the men on the Board of Directors to boot his wife, Maria Ackley, out when she became too vocal in her views about his private conduct. Like a good many women down throughout history, she refused to bow to male headship and spoke up when her husband's private conduct reeked of hypocrisy.

    Looking back from the vantage of the women's rights movement, I have nothing but admiration for this brave woman and scorn for her duplicitous husband. You won't find one mention of this woman in JW.org

  • Finkelstein

    Pyramidology was an anchoring point of theology that established the core doctrine of 1914, it was later revised by Rutherford using the false date of Jerusalem's destruction of 607 BCE. and the 2520 years dating calculation ending up to 1914 AD.

    They both false unscriptural backed bible interpretations needless to say. .

    The leaders of the WTS were never loyal to Jehovah , they were loyal to themselves and their self appointed propagating identity they created around and for themselves

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't think it's a case of trying to distance themselves from Russel, specifically, as much as it's a case of them trying to deny the fact that they're a "Johny-come-lately", man-made religion started by an imperfect man. They always have to keep saying that Jesus is their founder to hide from the ugly fact of history that they started as a cult following the teachings of one man. It's similar to the JW spin that says: "we don't have human leaders - Jesus is our leader".

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    Is there a "Christian" church anywhere on the globe that openly says that a mortal man is their founder?

    Identify them please.

    I will take my hat off to them for their honesty.

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