Watchtower Telephone Books!

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  • Atlantis

    Watchtower Telephone Books






  • ttdtt

    Noticed the GB are not in there.

  • jwleaks

    This is going to go down as the single biggest data and privacy breach in Watchtower history.

    The names of 1000's ol Bethelites across the USA. Their personal room numbers, contact details, location, and job positions in some cases.

    Same in the UK for Watchtower Britain and IBSA.

    Watchtower New York: (former or current Bethelites on the list) see your attorney to file a class action.

  • jwleaks
  • _Morpheus

    Lol i think i have one from 1994 still....

  • exjwlemming
    I wonder if we can can tell how many peeps were sent home between 2015 and 2017 during the purge when pink slips were handed out and many "were reassigned" to help with the preaching work.
  • Atlantis


    Could you check and see if you still have the one from 1994? I would ask Grampa (Atlantis), but he is in the vault, and when he is in there that means he is sending out documents all over the world.

    I'll send you a pm with my email if you would rather send it privately.

    Thank you!

    scan 20001

  • _Morpheus

    Give me 10 min and i will check my box of bethel memories

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    (Ring Ring)

    Hello ??

    Yes this room 208?

    Yes it is

    Is your refrigerator running....the race for life?


    Ha! Never mind...seriously though, you weren't in your room earlier when I was out calling on you and some of your neighbors, inviting them to visit youtube and listen to Bro. Jackson say under oath that it would be presumptuous of the Governing Body to say that they are the only ones God is using on the earth today.

    Is this you Jeremy?? HA HA....very funny ! Prank calling me at Bethel....aren't you supposed to be studying your Watchtower for Sunday??


  • Richard_I

    Thank you so much for this! I remember the phone book when I was in Wallkill a number of years ago! If you look under Brooklyn, you'll find all the heavies and their departments - e.g. on page 53 of the 2015 PDF you can see the members of the Teaching and Service committees, and page 54 has the Writing committee and Writing Department members.


    Noticed the GB are not in there.

    They are, actually! At least in the 1999 and 2015 edition. The 2017 version is odd though, it is missing the GB.

    Now, if you want to know who is really pulling the strings in the organization - in the 1999 version (I also remember it in the 2010 version), look for Brooklyn's Executive Offices (page 33 of the PDF). These are the real men behind the curtain. For some reason they removed this section in the 2015 version, perhaps due to the ongoing move to Warwick.

    I remember when I was in Wallkill looking at this list. I remember looking up the names and department on Bethel's intranet directory where you could see their portraits to put a face to the names (they were listed under Administration or something like that)

    The 1999 version lists the following people:

    Adams, Don

    Borroto, Yan

    Cox, Brett

    Crane, Brion

    Dellinger, Joel

    Ellison, Todd

    Henschel, Milton

    Jackson, Harold

    Jaracz, Theodore

    Jones, Jack

    Losch, Gerrit

    Mainers, Lloyd

    Malenfant, William

    Mavor, Christopher

    Mercante, David

    Perla, Baltasar

    Rittenbach, Rick

    Schroeder, Albert

    Siebenlist, Philip

    Sinclair, David

    Wallen, Robert

    These are the top of the top. Obviously the current list would be drastically different. But those were the guys running the org and would know everything that goes on.

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