I'm coming back to the forum after 10 months, and new challenges...

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  • Crazyguy

    Just call him out on his two faced BS. Tell him what he did was worthy of being dfd but it doesn’t matter because you don’t believe in their crap anymore. Tell him. Your not going to play by the rules of seven men in New York that change and make up stuff when ever they feel like it. One can’t wear tight pants but it’s ok for a child molester to keep molesting unless there’s two witnesses. JWs can’t celebrate Christmas but Mexican JWs can use a piñata.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation is a hypocritical fraud that unfortunately turns other people into hypocritical frauds.

    A religion should never break up a family, people hold to a certain set of beliefs as such but a religion should never enforce individual members of a family to never talk or associate with other members of their family who may have stopped participating or admonish associating with people who are not members.

    The JWS religion is one of these religions that does .

    I know plenty of families where some members are participating in a religion and others not, these religions do not enforce or guilt people to stop associating with their non believing participating members.

  • mentalclarity

    I would answer "Are you saying you would rather I go against what I believe and "pretend" to be a witness so you can have a relationship with me and be a hypocrite (because my feelings have not changed)?

    I always tell my family they did too good of a job raising me to have integrity- that's why I won't be part of a religion I'm not convinced of, even if that means losing contact with some. In fact I could even claim religious persecution because of this. See how I twisted that around?

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