Darwin Fish

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  • Panda

    Thanks everyone!!!! I am fortunate to live in a small Texas town where eccentrics abound. When you don't agree with someone you just say.."well she's/he's okay." I mean we have 99 yr olds still driving around, and there's so little traffic that it's quite entertaining. My point, my Darwin fish won't bother anyone. My hairdresser said "ya' know Therese they won't let you into the BoyScouts ." Life after the jws has been good.

    Thanks again.

  • greven

    A word of caution:

    These 'anti-fish' seem to work miracles! Yes, indeed! I put one on my car the other day and soon enough mysterious dents appeared out of nothing on my car, in the shape of the divine lord himself (or could be a boot shape as well). Also scratches appeared spelling out "Jesus saves!", "hail mary!" and simular divine slogans. People are coming from all over the world on pilgrimage just to see my car ain't that something?!


  • rocketman
    Scientists killed by fundy christians: thousands.
    Fundy christians killed by scientists: zero.

    Good point drwnstn - gotta watch those fundamentalists. Interesting how the "godless" scientists are a lot less harmful.

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