Darwin Fish

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  • Panda

    Many christians today use the fish symbol on their vehicles etc to show that they are christian

    (despite the actual pagan origination of said fish)?

    Well then came along the fish w/ "Darwin" written in the center and the fish had legs. I'm looking for someplace to get that Darwin fish, so if you know please post. Thanks, Therese

    So many right-wing christians ... so few lions.

  • onacruse

    Panda, when I opened your thread I saw a Google ad that showed up on the side/top-page. One of them was headed as "Darwin fish." I didn't grab the URL. Maybe it shows up for you when you open this thread?


  • drwtsn32

    I think having a Darwin fish on your car is only going to invite the wrath of christians.

    Scientists killed by fundy christians: thousands.
    Fundy christians killed by scientists: zero.

  • Swan

    Then the Fundy Christians came out with the Christian fish swallowing the Darwin fish. I don't understand the point of that since it seems to supporting natural selection and the survival of the fittest.

    But I also didn't get the "I Found It" and "Mean People Suck" bumper stickers.


  • Mackin


    I have a some of the t-shirts.

  • DanTheMan

    Here's my favorite (though I'm afraid of putting it on my car considering the future taliban-esque theocratic government that the USA may be headed towards)


  • Goshawk
  • SixofNine
    But I also didn't get the ...."Mean People Suck" bumper stickers.

    See, it's like, mean people suck. See?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    [email protected]! Don't drive around down South and show that Darwin fish to redneckers, hon......ya know what happens down here when you see one of those "Honk If You Love Jesus" bumper stickers....and you HONK? The driver of that vehicle will get out an' open up a can o' whoopa** on ya....Redneck Bible Thumpers....ya gotta love 'em...

    Frannie B

  • Satanus

    Here is a good one.


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