Leaving it all behind.

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I understand your viewpoint and ideally I'd be at that point, but some people still have to deal with the fallout of their decision years after the fact. Whether it is family, kids, parents, spouses etc there are some things you just can't ignore that the JW continues to control.

  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Tempest in a Teacup
    I probably won't see responses to this post because it's unlikely I'll show up here again for another year

    Well I can't imagine that someone so full of him/herself will wait that long to check comments... . Nice try though

    I just came here to remind you that everyone is not like you. Keep that in mind every time you think you're better than people. Unless you're a kid, you should have known that by now.

  • Etude
    I am who I am and it doesn't have really anything to do with the way I was raised or spent a considerable portion of my life...
    Jazzbo: Just consider that whether you zigged instead of zagged in your life, you really are the result of your experiences. Everything that happened to you has influenced you in one way or another. Even if you were taught one thing and ended doing the opposite, that was a choice you made because of whatever it was that presented itsel at that time. You are who you are because of what happened to you, not in spite of what happened to you. You are not as autonomous as you think.

    What you might be is more unattached and dispassionate about your past because you don't have the degree of investment others have in family they left behind. You may easily not give a shit about a relative who's left behind in the organization. But, other people do and feel helped by coming here and learning anything they can to help those they love or simply to receive comfort from others who understand.

    If you're not interested hearing about the painful experiences people have had as they search to heal, then why keep coming back? Take your leave. It seems there's very little you can do to comfort others or to contribute in a doctrinal or logical discussion. I think you'll be very happy. 


  • smiddy

    Many ex JW`s over the years have stopped posting on this site obviously having moved on without seeing the need to cast aspersions on those of us for one reason or another who choose to remain and keep posting here.

    Just saying.

  • LongHairGal


    There are two schools of thought.

    While I can agree to some degree with the mentality of moving on, I do believe the religion needs to be exposed and I'm glad sites like this exist for that and for trapped members to come and see they are not alone.

    I understand also that some people are so distraught they need to just forget it - maybe for a long time.

    But, I think ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who just leave and say NOTHING about their negative and sometimes traumatic experience in the religion are benefiting the religion by their silence. It would be like 40 years ago when there was nothing and somebody who left or was DFd was isolated and in a news blackout. The religion loves this.

    While I'm not saying everybody should become an activist or write books, there should be a place for them to air their views for however long they like......If, at some point, they want to forget it all then fine. They have that right.

  • redvip2000
    Would it be better to simply leave it all behind and get on with your life?

    Well perhaps, but think about this: If everybody that learned the TTATT simply left and kept it to themselves, then how does this help all the others that are still captives of the cult?

    Now, this does NOT mean you now have to protest in front of Bethel to show your activism, but the more attention and chatter we generate about the subject, the better chance that some of captives of the cult will be exposed to it, and perhaps get to leave as well.

  • dubstepped

    Jazzbo clearly didn't leave it all behind. Dropping by to espouse one's beliefs as the only right way to live, only to run away so as not to have to take in anyone else's thoughts, is a very JW thing to do. Your JW is showing in your weak trolling.

  • Skepsis

    I suppose that would the dream of the GB and the high hierarchy of the WT, better know today as JW.ORG: that everyone quitting the religion stop talking about all the issues involved in the religion.

    If no one spoke openly in sites like this one, some people like me would probably have last much longer until realising completely what kind of organisition it is.

    Plus, there are many that even after abandoning physically and mentally the WT, they have to face with still in family.

    In the long term, I agree it's mentally healthy to forget a past chapter in you life but circumstances may differ between each of us.

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