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by Nathan R. Koppe 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Xanthippe

    JW-org-Facts-resources is an interesting Facebook page that I've started to follow. If Nathan's link doesn't work for you which it didn't for me just search the words I've used above and it comes up easily.

    Nathan seems genuine and many of his posts are very good especially the picture memes.

    I honestly don't think he intends to be sensationalist, he just comes across as a little intense, possibly because of the way his elderly mother has been treated by the cult.

  • Simon

    He comes across as a Danny Haszard lite (that's not a complement)

    Claims of not being sensationalist doesn't alter the fact that much of it is sensationalist.

    Claims of having a legal background does not convince me that he has any legal experience.

    Besides, I have also realised and experienced that you cannot contact the admin. if you have a problem or question about a post.

    No, what you experienced is that the Admin won't simply waste time on someone else's delusions.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm amazed at anyone who thinks that their leaving will make a shitbit of difference.

    Even Ray Franz didn't make much of difference when he left the WTS/GB. (Yes, he helped to fall some of the dominoes in the lives of many people.)

    But all/any of us that might choose to leave have the significance that there is when a person takes their hand out of bucket of water. (Excluding you Simon - but only since someone has to keep paying the bill to keep the lights on.)

    So Good Bye, Adios, Don't the door hit ya in the arse!

  • fulano

    As I can read dutch I saw his back-ground on the web, not a big shot in legal, more at an amateur level.

  • steve2

    Nathan I popped by recently at a time you were posting heavily on this forum (but you were not otherwise engaging with other posters) and I wondered how long you'd last. Thank you for answering my question. Best wishes in your endeavours. Self-awareness is the first casualty of self-importance.

  • fulano

    How does that song sound, the harder they come...

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