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  • fulano

    Misunderstanding LV

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I don't get it, just like I don't get the whole crapping on Cedars thing here either. I'm sorry for the bad experience Nathan, best wishes.

  • nicolaou
    I don't get it, just like I don't get the whole crapping on Cedars thing here either.

    I'm guessing you signed up here after Cedars had passed through? As for Nathan, if you're still reading please listen to all the good advice these guys are giving you and give us another go.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    What did John Cedars do?
  • LV101

    Sorry, fulano.

  • Nathan R. Koppe
    Nathan R. Koppe

    I don't mind any kind of feedback or criticism..... and I try to incorporate any tips I can, as I go along.

    Unfortunately, I don't have much time to spend on 'layout' on the various places I post.

    I don't care for likes, fans or whatever and I certainly don't earn money from it.

    I don't care if people share, edit, improve or whatever, my work.... I don't need to take credit for anything.

    My aim is purely to get the information out there!

    In fact I turn off all my notifications everywhere I can and try to reply only to comments.

    I am in several LEGAL workgroups, including former or retired legal workers (inc. lawyers) who have been looking at legal angels on the organisation for some time now.

    In the UK we now have contact with the IICSA, ICO, Police, etc.

    Because 'authorities' and/or investigative bodies only have a limited 'legal scope', it is actually also because of contact with the 'legal depts.' of these organisations, 'we' (legal researchers) are looking for 'new' and 'legal' angles to use, especially because more and more places are getting updated or new Data Protection Laws (i.e. California or GDPR in the EU, etc).

    Not forgetting laws on the definition of child protection and what is to be considered abuse.

    Also the 'name-calling' the . org does in their talks and publications IS libellous.

    Our family is currently in a court case, where we are waiting for a 'statement' that our mother's grandchildren, literally overnight.... did not want to see their beloved Grandma.

    We are trying to establish in court, whether that is because of our sister's and husbands information to the children or are the children in fact being influenced by JW .org.

    In fact, in the UK alone there have been 5 cases where children were no longer allowed to be subjected to JW material or teachings ;)

    Furthermore, whilst you may not agree with me, my investigative work over the years has made me realise that what the Watchtower also do is; use spiritual legal and Pharisaical wording for their doctrines and policies.

    For example, they publically teach about this name Jehovah, but in fact in the 'small-print' they actually admit it is not the most accurate name to use and that the name is made up by CONjoining two words.

    Or, on their website they state JW's DONT SHUN, yet again the 'small-print' makes it very clear to shun/disfellowship/disassociate 'those causing divisions' or call them 'unrepentant wrongdoers' that must be avoided by phone, internet or whatever.

    It's all about LEGALISM, whether by man's law or by 'misusing the words' in the Bible.

    Whether not everyone is convinced of the Watchtower occult and masonic connections and practises, such as the masonic A in the GilleAd, pyramid and use a 'governing body' and 'watchtower' like the masons do, the fact remains by LAW the organisation is a 'business'

    Whilst I appreciate that other churches find legal constructions for their 'business activities', the difference is that Watchtower has always stated in print, it was never (intended) to be a religion!

    For Watchtower it was never a way of finding or requiring legal ways of creating a 'business front' for their religion.

    Watchtower has always admitted it was never (intended) to be a religion!

    Something a church does/did not do ;)

    What I don't appreciate here, is when people start making their COMMENTS PERSONAL!

    You can call my 'work' awful and criticise the points anyone feels need improvement, but name-calling is no better than the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Besides, I have also realised and experienced that you cannot contact the admin. if you have a problem or question about a post.

    So I think I will be more useful to just follow the site and continue to put my info on my FB, where I am to work better (with the layout).

    I have stated that all my pictures are perfectly zoom-able once downloaded, but in the text I always try to put the links to the original sources to the documents.

    The picture is only a 'visual summary' and 'map of how I got to the information', so the reader can RESEARCHED and FACTCHECK at the source.

    Whatever, I or anyone puts in a picture or meme has to be assumed to be correct (without checking).

    I actually encourage the reader to go to my links for the 'original proof' and 'detailed text' and not just assume my or anyone's meme (without checking it yourself).

    And even my own text is only a ‘roadmap’ to get to the information and can never contain the detailed text and wording to fully state my case, but can be viewed on the links I provide.

    Because I don't hide behind an Avatar or fake name, I can be found on the internet and you can 'verify' me or the information I am presenting.

    I am not a big kid, that has just woke up and looking for support for my info and because of some 'remarks' I am going to play outside again.

    I have 20 years of legal experience and also spent this same time on researching this organisation and workings and done a huge amount of research, into who and what is behind the Watchtower/JW .org and the Governing Body (members). Who they 'really' are and their 'connections'.

    All I can say is, that this information can be so overwhelming you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself.

    And hence again... I encourage both JW's and the people I am sharing my information... look and see for yourself and be convinced! ;)

    No amount of 'layout' or better 'wording' on my part, will do this for you.

    The only reason I have gone PUBLIC with my information, is because our family was affected by shunning by our sister and our mother cannot see the grandchildren anymore and to top it all, the congregation disfellowshipped our mother after 50 years of service to them!

    And they did this while our mother was and could not be 'active', because she was looking after our dying grandmother and later had to organise her funeral, and our mother has to find out that this had been announced via a JW friend.

    Ps. I am half Dutch-English and that also affects my ‘writing tyle’ ;)

    For the purposes of finding me or still getting to my ‘updated’ information you can still find me on my page Watchtower/JW .org Facts & Resources at

  • cofty

    Nathan. My main problem is not with your style of presentation - although that is a major issue - it is with your sensationalist claims.

    You constantly misrepresent facts. It leaves people like us who detest the cult having to defend it from your illogical tirades.

    The fuss you are making about whether it is a religion or a business is one glaring example.

    Always present your arguments in a way that your opponent cannot correct any of your facts.

  • smiddy3

    Unfortunately Nathan nobody likes long winded posts .

    Can`t you be more precise in what you want to say ? And leave it open for people who want more to pm you as an option .?

    Honestly, we like people here with different views that we can discuss ,and we don`t want to be swamped with info

    that is cut and paste that we can`t even read .

    Their is no need to take your bat and ball and go home .? Seriously

    Take care.

  • wannaexit

    here is a piece of criticism/advice: make your posts a little shorter.

  • dozy

    Stick around Nathan. We are ( mostly ) all victims of the Society here , in one way or another and to one extent or another and that impacts what we say and do. But just chill a bit - OK? Forget the long winded rambling posts and numerous new topics ( 16 in your first month ) and random CAPITALS etc.

    There is a lot of resource here - 20 years worth - virtually everything JW related has been debated , analysed and argued about. Take a few days just to read through the history , topics of interest and get a different perspective.

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