So my wife is upset her MIPI father is broke because of being a witness.

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  • blownaway

    Cha I agree. and I would just move on in my life if not for my wife. I know its hard seeing her mother in a facility and her dad struggling. Even though they brought not the sickness but financial issues on them-self and I will say her mother was a fairly arrogant witness in the day. From what I understand her dad does not even mention religion to her when she visits. This is the same guy who went to the elders when we faded out and told them to go make his daughter go to meetings. She was 30 at the time. Its almost like he is running on auto pilot when it comes to meetings and service. The end of the wold is just around the corner is not seeming to be there very strong.

  • Spiral

    blownaway, I probably could name ten JW families right now who are in similar positions. Pious poverty has been a lifestyle choice of the JWs for a long time. Now, with no end in sight and no money in the bank, things are getting serious and desperate.

    I agree with the others, they made their choices, and they shouldn't expect anyone else to bail them out. If the GB had any integrity, they would be setting up support systems within the congregations to help these ones out, instead of building expensive digs for themselves.

  • dubstepped
    cha-ching - "If they don't want to work, neither let them eat".... They quote it, but do they live it?

    If they don't want to work, let them live off the government and worldly people's taxes that they talk so much shit about.

    Fixed that for you. Bunch of damn hypocrites. I remember a couple being lauded on stage at a circuit assembly for moving into section 8 housing and quitting nice jobs to pioneer. It made me sick. I have no problem with people that need help getting help. I have a huge problem with people pioneering and collecting money from the government, which is you and I.

  • zeb

    I concur. I have a modest amount of 'superannuation' and with out it it would be subsistence street on the basic govt pension here in Australia. The jw in that cong at the time I took it out were of the thinking that the govt will get it all, end of the system blah blah and (probably) to take out super is not trusting in .... as this line was big at the time.

    Well you take out car insurance house insurance against situations that will probably never happen but retirement gets the flick.

    Blownaway I hope you are not funding them at all it called tough love.

    Take good note of this total posting you jw lurkers and if you take out retirement no matter how small tell no one. A modest cheque coming in makes huge difference.

  • lastmanstanding

    Longhair girl

    The congregations are going to be hotbeds of misery and trouble.

    That’s one of the best stand alone statements I’ve heard in a while.

  • carla

    As a umb the best I can hope for is that I kick the bucket early. If not, I'm screwed. I would not wish my old saggy behind upon my children, I hope I croak before then. How do I truly explain the whole jw thing? I have tried to protect the kids from it but cannot fully explain that jw dad truly thought the big A would be here before then and I sure hoped I'd have kicked the bucket by now?! Maybe I will have to wander into the nearest large city and hope a gang finds me? options to ponder.

  • LV101

    LongHair -- believe me, they were hitting up for money back in '89/'90s for their lazy members who were so spiritual (what a joke!) and fit in with the in-crowd - it was nauseating! I was so sick of it! Phoniest people I've ever met in my life! Very difficult for me to feel sorry for them if slammed with more misery/trouble!

  • freddo

    It continues - a sucker born every minute.

    At the last service meeting I attended a few weeks ago the "Pious Poverty" (thanks for that Spiral!) set (mid thirties - no kids - part time jobs - pioneer types) were sticking their hands up talking about "not serving two masters" and "putting kingdom interests" first.

    Trouble is retirement age is going up and up here in the UK. In 2010 women got state pension at 60. Now it is 65. By 2020 it will be 66 for men and women. By 2028 it will be 67.

    Add to that hand to mouth living and not putting money away for retirement because Armageddy's a comin' and you have a recipe for disaster as countries spread their tax dollars more thinly.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    So sorry to hear what you are going through. The other day at the farmers market I saw a witness family pulling their cart billboard behind them. Teenage son following the father in his 40's. All dressed in suits and ties from what it look like from the 1980's. Very poor looking. All the wt is doing is shooting themselves in the foot by teaching everyone to live a simple so called life. My thinking they made their bed let them sleep in it. Take care and i hope it will all work out for you. Still Totally ADD

  • blownaway

    My wife said that her dad said last visit that he was encouraging my wife's niece [her sisters daughter] to go to collage. That she needed to make money and support her self. Late to the party sure, but its a huge deviation from what he was 35 years ago. If my FIL who was a mind numb kool aid drinker is saying this there are others.

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