Infinity versus nothing

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  • Fisherman

    Some people like to believe in something others believe in nothing; so in what location did the substance that expanded into the time/space universe exist before the big bang? Where did the energy that caused the big band come from? How did the substance that became the big bang change from being inert and sterile and come to life to having the properties and drive that it does? If something always existed then that something always had properties and drive. If nothing always existed then that nothing is really something.

  • smiddy

    Your asking questions that cant be answered with present knowledge if ever they can be answered at all.

    That doesnt mean that a God brought everything into existence because you have the same problem.

    Where did God come from ? If nothing can come into existence from nothing ?

    A question JW`s always avoided .the usual response He exists thats a fact just accept it.

  • azor

    Simple - I don't know. Why don't you try it sometime Fisherman.

    Typical god of the gaps nonsense!

  • schnell

    It's quite a leap from deism to JWism.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Universe creating pixies did it.

  • anointed1

    To find an answer, let us ask some questions and get some answer, and reach a conclusion:

    1) How much electrical charge exists in our universe?

    Readers familiar with Coulomb’s principle of charge conservation would answer:

    “Since electrical charge can never be created or destroyed but only separated, therefore, the total electrical charge in our universe is zero.”

    2) How much momentum exists in our universe?

    Readers familiar with Newton’s second principle of mechanics (written in its relativistic form) would answer: “For an isolated system such as our universe, the total momentum (both linear and angular) in our universe is zero.”

    3) How much energy is contained in our universe?

    Readers familiar with the first principle of thermodynamics (written in its relativistic form, which recognizes that mass is a form of energy, according to Einstein’s E =

    mc2) would answer: “Since energy can be neither created nor destroyed but only changed into different forms, then the total energy of our universe is zero.”

    I remember reading in Nature that the positive energy of all mass in the universe was approximately equal to the negative energy of space, which would mean “our Universe is simply one of those things that happen from time to time.”

    Hence the question “What was before Big Bang?” does not arise.

  • anointed1

    I forgot to add: God is not required for creation! What is needed for creation is in the nature itself.

    Yet this does not mean God does not exist.

  • kairos

    time, space, matter.

    none can exist without the other.

  • Fisherman

    A1-off topic- I drive an Infinity; it burns gas; before my car was built, it did not burn gas; the laws that you reference describe an existing universe.

  • smiddy

    Sometimes I emit gas sometimes spontaneous other times without my consent much to the annoyance of my wife however before I was born I didnt emit Gas

    Isnt the known Universe made up of a lot of gas ? I`m just doing my bit.

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