Observations: If man is merely a machine and the universe is merely a mechanism .

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  • TimeBandit

    There is a section here in which to post topics for debate.


  • Believer
    Believer - Could you sum up your argument in one succinct sentence?

    No. Arguments by nature cannot be summed up on one succinct sentence. However, the conclusion reached by the observations is that man is more than a machine and the universe is more than a mechanism.

    Are you really promoting Urantia? Really?

    I shared some observations from the Urantia Book on the issue of materialism. It is one point of view. And one point of view that I happen to agree with. You are free to ignore it or reject. However, it does present food for thought.

    There is a section here in which to post topics for debate.

    TimeBandit, any attempt to share a spiritual idea turns into a debate. There is no place on this entire site where a spiritual idea can be shared among believers that is not turned into a debate by nonbelievers. And btw, I'm not interested in a debate. But I am interested in seeing how nonbelievers respond to the observations. And it has been interesting!

  • Believer
    Okay Believer, so the principle you are following is that if I don't know how something works that means your explanation is correct?
    If not, please explain what principle you are following because I am confused...

    You’re confused because your position is inconsistent. One the one hand nonbelievers require believers to prove the existence of God, but you assert that a believer must prove the existence of your imaginary computer. The inconsistency is what's confusing you.

  • DJS

    If you really want to share ideas with believers all you have to do is pm them and gather personal emails of those showing interest.

    Then you can knock yourself out, out of harms way from us atheists.


    Outlaw, the thread is an observation based on reason and logic. I thought that’s what nonbelievers are fond of......OLI

    There`s nothing reasonable or logical about the OP..

    It arrives at conclusions with no evidence..
    And if me posting mere observations based on reason and logic would cause a nonbeliever to crucify believers who had nothing to do with this thread, then you are adding fuel to the idea that nonbelievers lack genuine morality.

    There`s crazies on both sides of the fence..Believers/Non Believers..

    They`re both extremely prejudiced against "Anything" outside their narrow beliefs..

    A person who would do that is no different than the primitive Hebrews concept of God whom you so readily condemn.

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  • Simon

    Believer: we're not here to publish your cult nonsense. Run your own blog if that's what you want to do.

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