Belgium: Jehovah's Witnesses will be tried for hate crimes on February 16.

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  • menrov

    Whether the WT will lose or not, it is bad publicity for them and more people will become aware of these "peculiar" practices.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I can't imagine the courts deciding that people must say hello to people who say hello to them. How can a court legislate loving behavior or enforce, "Do unto your family members what they want done to them". You might as well add, adults must accept blood transfusions whether they want them or not if family members complain. I can't see what the legislation against shunning would look like. Any ideas?

  • waton

    Vdh, is the case about peoples behaviour or wr policies of enforcement?

  • cofty

    Of course a court can't tell anybody who to be polite to. That isn't the issue.

    The practice of enforced shunning - including close family - might just be something a court can take action against.

    The defense that JWs make their own personal decision to shun won't hold up to the most cursory examination.

    The Closed Brethren got into some difficulty with the Charity Commission in the UK for similar policies.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hey Waton

    Good question.

    If it's about organizational policies of enforcement, then won't the courts have to force a rewrite of the secret Shepherd the flock book?

    What will happen to separation of church and state. Next certain scriptures may be banned from being read in public. I'm sure Muslims will be watching this can of worms with interest.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Hateful quotes from WT literature concerning Apostates

    • Apostate does not have your well-being at heart.
    • Apostates feigning love
    • Apostate propaganda [..]‘s basis is envy and hatred
    • cunning spirit;
    • apostates are mentally diseased
    • They may pretend to care about others, but in reality, they are selfish.
    • presumptuous attitude to warp their thinking
    • Modern-day apostates display characteristics similar to those of the Devil
    • They are not interested in learning about Jehovah or in serving him.

    Then you can point to this article which instruct members to shun to the point of ignoring even emails and text messages.


  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    In 2013 the world wide convention, a main talk entitled "Human Apostates" was identified as hate speech. Posted on this site 7-28-2013 under heading "WTS in trouble in Denmark" head of the "Documentation and Advisory Centre on Racial Discrimination" [DRC] Niels-Erik Hansen put in newspaper that such attacks on 'apostate' was in violation of article 266b of the Danish Criminal Code. He stated that article was specifically instituted because of how Hitler treated Jews in the 1930's. Evidently it stung the church as they turned down their rhetoric.

    The point being, evidently human rights issues are taken more serious in Europe due to the abuses of the Nazis. So perhaps we may want to pay more than usual attention as to the outcome of this court case.

    I well remember that talk as I was the "apostate" they specifically refed to who instituted a new tactic "writing letters to the homes of publishers". It works good as a letter to the homes plugs into the internal grape vine. There one can mind fuck the elders. It pisses off the Service Dept. as they have to figure out how to handle; a elder masturbating on nude beach, a elder who did dirt to a single black mom by collecting $6,000 of city relocation money as his rental was taken over for a park, and as he managed the rentals he did improvements on the sisters rental, but when moving day happened he kicked out the sister and moved in himself. The third was the best as the Service Dept. had to handle the P.O. who kept concealed his step son elder had a gun shoved down his throat in Mexico because he was trying to cheat his business partner a younger Mexican out of his half of their business in Mexico, he came back with a severe case of post traumatic stress syndrome. And the Service Dept. had to do it in such a way as to conceal that a "apostate" was pulling their strings.

  • apostatethunder

    The WT don't force anyone to be rude. After I dissasociated some Witnesses continued talking to me, invited me to their homes and even hugged me in the street, others just smile every time we see each other and I understand. Only a few behaved like the pharisees but it was their personal choice.

    Laws that discriminate citizens based on their social status are a very pervasive hate crime across the entire UE. Hopefully Belgium start to treat lower class citizens with the same dignity it treats kings, queens, ducheses, counts, etc and not as an invisible number.

  • yalbmert99

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