Last song at Regional Convention of 2016 was stolen from Audiomachine

by LevelThePlayingField 11 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • darkspilver

    Village Idiot: It might be nice to drop off a message to the owners of that video just in case.

    No need to - with much thanks and appreciation to LevelThePlayingField who has already taken the time to researched and has clearly stated above that the WT stole the music.

    Therefore it's with much interest that we're wating for LevelThePlayingField to explain and show us their research regarding this.

    AverageJoe1: Come on guys, get your facts straight. They bought it.

    See above, LevelThePlayingField has researched it - after all LTPF wouldn't have said what they said if they hadn't.

  • blondie

    Based on the most recently approved jw music in their songbook, I can imagine that some forward thinking jw realized that they needed to find new music that would be appealing to non-jws.

    Maybe they follow the RC doctrine the organization uses it makes it holy.

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