JWtalk.net is an act of Disobedience

by Londo111 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy3

    The more disobedient Jehovah`s Witnesses their are the better I say their is still hope for them .

  • HiddlesWife

    One of my family members (who is waking up) tried to sign up with that forum. She showed me the questions which they ask (i.e.: "YOUR REAL NAME"; "WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE BOOK WHICH CONTAINS QUESTIONS FOR BAPTISM"; "IN THAT BOOK, PART 2 OF THE APPENDIX, LOOK AT QUESTION #16. WHAT IS THAT QUESTION? PLEASE TYPE IT HERE", etc.). The creator/moderator of that particular website must be the type of person who is very paranoid (like the GB, PIMI JDubs, etc.) re: anyone who signs up. This is a definite contrast re: our Forum. Simon did not put anyone to jump through any hoops to join here.

    The GB has really influenced JWs, IMPO, to covertly check, infiltrate and gather personal information on every stinkin' detail about a person's life.

  • Vidiot
    blownaway - "...JWs who are so zealot that they break the rules..."

    I have long suspected that those ones are - deep, deep down - terrified that the Org might be wrong...

    ...and do what they do to shore up their own convictions.

    It's a similar to the ones who go the extra mile to find "proof" (beyond the Org's own published insistence) that the WTS is right.

  • Londo111

    Yep. I believe every JW has doubts, at least from time to time. And that definitely leads to fear that it might not to be truth, all the sacrifices are for nothing, and that maybe it is a cult. That fear can lead people to raise their defenses.

    The organization has little in-depth articles anymore, no meaningful “apologetics”. So those who are hungering for something “meaty” would have to look elsewhere or go without.

    Those sincere JWs who go to JWtalk and may have a sincere question and looking for comfort might actually wake up by how they are treated.

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