Superbly Written Article in Canadian Magazine

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Now let us see how the Society responds?!?!

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  • Uzzah

    I was VERY impressed by the journalist's approach which is one of the reasons I agreed to be interviewed by her despite being an ex-JW is really no longer a part of who I am.

    She did a great job on the article


  • sparrowdown

    Excellent job all who contributed, thanks.

  • zeb

    very professional article. How will the wt respond? By obfuscation, by shuffling about and claiming to have a child abuse policy.

  • tor1500


    What a great and honest these scriptures come to mind:

    Mark 4:22: For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out in the open.

    Matt. 10:26:So do not fear them, for there is nothing covered over that will not become uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known

    Luke 8:17:For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, nor anything carefully concealed that will never become known and not come out in the open.

    Now for those who believe in God & the bible these scriptures show just where the world is today...seems every scandal is being exposed...folks are giving themselves up even before they are confronted...The gov't is being shown for who they have always been. Nothing and no one is safe...

    Even if the society doesn't respond it doesn't have to. The longer they stay quiet the more articles will be written..they can run but they can't hide...most likely they are using the scripture where Jesus was asked a question and he never answered...but Jesus was in the right...the society is being quiet about something that is wrong. They will wait on Jehovah, but do they think that Jehovah is waiting on the society to come clean? That would never occur to them...Pride...& doesn't pride come before the fall...Too many articles to ignore...this is Canada...right next door to US/NYC...

    Many of us want the org. exposed...the way things are being exposed...just's just a matter of the words of MLK...How long ? Not Long...

    It's a good article & it's the truth...anyone who is a JW can't deny it's the truth...

    Tick Tick Tick...


    Luke 12:2:But there is nothing carefully concealed that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not become known.b 3 Therefore, whatever you say in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you whisper* in private rooms will be preached from the housetops

  • smiddy3

    I agree it is an excellent article and well written ,the WT response ? Their won`t be any they will just ignore it by past experience ,if per chance they do respond ?

    Well I will wait and see.

  • baldeagle

    This is a well-balanced article simply stating the truth regarding the WTS procedures and policies when handling child sexual abuse.

  • steve2

    The UObserver is not a well moderated publication regarding readers' posts.

    It says that all posts are moderated before publication - yet there are several duplicate posts and the Like and Dislike icons appear to neutralize each other. In other words, if a post has 6 likes and 3 subsequent readers put a dislike, the 65 likes become 3. One post had 6 likes - now it has 0 - so I presume 6 readers put dislikes.

    What an unhelpful voting system in terms of seeing which posts attract the most likes and/or dislikes..

  • Uzzah

    Interestingly I had a Bethel Legal Department lawyer poking around my LinkedIn account yesterday.

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