Superbly Written Article in Canadian Magazine

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  • berrygerry
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    Great article! Thanks for posting!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I think that's a well written article.

  • arwen

    Thank you for the link.

  • sir82

    I love how they have access to all the "super duper top secret" BOE letters and casually quote them.

    I also love how merely quoting the gibbering idiots from their own streaming broadcasts makes them sound so utterly culty.

  • shadow


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Extremely well written

  • OrphanCrow

    This article comes from the United Church Observer

    Founded in 1829, The United Church Observer is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America and the second oldest in the English speaking world. It has won international acclaim for journalistic excellence and garnered more awards for writing than any other Canadian religious publication. Editor David Wilson says of his mandate for the publication in contemporary Canada: “We seek to offer the United Church and Canadians generally a church magazine that exceeds people’s expectations of church magazines. As we move forward into a new era and style of faith-based publishing, we are constantly mindful of the traditions into which we are anchored.”


    Since 1986, The Observer has been independently incorporated, which makes it unique among major North American denominational publications. The magazine sets its own editorial policies and program and is overseen by its own board of directors. While it maintains a healthy relationship with The United Church of Canada, it does not speak as the denomination’s official voice, receiving only about 7 percent of its funding from the United Church’s General Council. Other funding comes from individual subscriptions, newsstand purchases, the Friends of the Observer Fund and government grants. The Observer’s financial and legal independence permits the publication to comment freely on matters within and outside The United Church of Canada. Says editor Wilson: “In the same way that The United Church of Canada is part of the Canadian identity, an independent Observer is inextricably part of the United Church identity — one of those unique features of the United Church that Canadians admire, whether they’re in the pews or on the sidelines.”

    I agree with everyone else - a well written and well researched article.

  • steve2

    One of the best in-depth investigative reports ever on JWs approach to child abuse. The writer has presented a well-balanced, evidence-based case against JW org.

  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant article!

    Really well researched and written! No "apostate driven lies" in this article. It is all facts.

    Now let us see how the Society responds?!?!

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