"ToMo3's liquor purchase video actually PROVES Jehovah's direction!"

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  • kairos

    Someone needs to show the video to the store employees and ask if he's a regular...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    stuckinarut22 hours ago

    Or maybe they will just say "That was a photoshopped fake video!"

    which is exactly what i think of it.

    otherwise its just too good to be true--a PR disaster for the watchtower.

  • johnamos

    Quote - OK, so I played the game of putting on my JW apologetic cap for a moment, and thought of how a devout JW could rationalize this whole liquor-buying situation. – End quote

    Tony bought 12 bottles at one time because he only goes there once a year. He and his wife drink one bottle per month between the both of them. The reason they drink it is for the health benefits.


    Are there any health benefits to drinking Scotch whisky (in moderation)?

    The benefits:

    Aid in weight loss

    Help to prevent diabetes

    Prevent cancer

    Help to reduce the risk of stroke

    Lowers stress

    Helps to lower risk of dementia

    Aids digestion

  • BluesBrother

    Actually, if I were still a dub I would not be stumbled at all by this. I would be gently amused. It would be different if he were caught drunk.

    JW's are allowed to drink and 1 or 12 bottles, ? No matter.

    Then, the current crop of immature bro's who are led to view these men as the next thing to God himself might think differently...

  • DesirousOfChange

    For many JW's, the fact that TPT is a drinker will be a "plus" as many JW's are "serious" drinkers. We had a DO that made it known that he and his wife were avid golfers (not cheap recreation) and that he enjoyed high end scotch. He received many invites by the upper crust JW's to go golfing as well as frequent bottles showing up at his apartment at the Ass Hall.

  • redvip2000
    They could say:
    "This actually proves that Jehovah is guiding his organization!! He was bringing this activity of ToMo3 to light, and it would also prove to be a loyalty test for all JWs, to see if they would be stumbled right out of the truth!"

    Actually they don't need to admit any guilt at all. This thing has too many outs available to JWs to make excuses. The fact is that you don't know much about what is was doing. Was he purchasing liquor for himself only? or for a large group or gathering? Was he purchasing this for the traditional gatherings that happen for Gillead graduations? Did he use his own money? Was it a gift certificate from a friend, or family?

    Unless you know exactly the specifics involved, the only thing you could perhaps say is that the money spent could be best used in the "Work". But then again, if somehow he received a Bottle King gift certificate from family or a friend, even that would be negated.

    If i was a JW, I would be able to handle this issue with a hand behind my back.

  • steve2

    Okay, now that it has "come to light", what's the next step? Public announcement? Stood down from JW broadcasting for designated period of time? Something else?

    I'd be interested to see if this unwanted exposure will change the man's manner or presentation in any way: More arrogant or less arrogant than usual? Less visible on JW broadcasting?

  • Finkelstein

    Jehovah's direction ? ? ?

    Wait a second, I thought Jah was a bourbon man.

  • john.prestor

    Stanlivedeath, it isn't too good to be true. It could be so much worse, and given Tony's thing with tight pants I would expect a 'fake' video about him visiting a gay bar or getting caught with a prostitute, not buying expensive alcohol. It's out of left field.

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