Upcoming Neutrality Talk Oct 26, 2020

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  • Listener

    Thanks Petra and Atlantis for providing the latest Announcements from the Watchtower.

    They are telling Congregations to replace the 15 minute local needs talk in the Midweek Meeting of October 26th with a talk on neutrality.

    I am not sure if this is due to there being a USA election on Tues 3rd, November or because of their worldwide preaching campaign targeting Government officials. It does sound like it is due to the USA election due to comments about propaganda and political promises.

    This is the talk outline

    Why Is Neutrality So Important?
    PLEASE NOTE: This part is to be delivered as a discussion. Warmly commend the congregation and remind them that Jehovah treasures their faithful service as they shoulder their personal responsibility in this important matter (Joh 17:14; 18:36; Ga 6:5)
    [After a brief introduction, play the seven-minute video Why Is Neutrality So Important? Thereafter, ask the questions listed below]
    Question: What does Christian neutrality mean? [Not taking sides in political issues, either actively or mentally]
    Question: Why is Christian neutrality important? [The political system wants to put its mark on us (Re 13:16, 17)]
    Question: What are three things that could erode our Christian neutrality? [{1) Propaganda the media puts forth, (2) sporting events, (3) political promises being made during election time]
    Question: What are the benefits of maintaining Christian neutrality? [Without elaborating, ask the audience to make note of the references listed below for consideration in their personal study and family worship] •
    November 1, 1999, Watchtower, pages 28-29, "Questions From Readers" • June 2018 Watchtower, pages 3-7, "My Kingdom Is No Part of This World" • Remain in God's Love, page 244, endnote 16 • Video Christian Neutrality-What It Means, What It Takes, and Why We Choose It. On jw.org, go to LIBRARY> VIDEOS> JW BROADCASTING> TALKS. In JW Library, go to MEDIA> VIDEO> JW BROADCASTING> TALKS May we be determined to remain part of Jehovah's united people by maintaining our neutrality in a divided world!
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania 9/20

    In regards to political neutrality I thought this instruction regarding the November 'political' campaign to be of note -

    2. Worldwide Campaign in November 2020: A sample letter dated November 3, 2020, for use in distributing The Watchtower No. 2 2020 to local government officials has been posted on jw.org. Similar wording may be used for letters written to businesses. The date of the letter may be adjusted. The official's office address or the business address should be used to send such correspondence. Publishers should not send the magazine to officials who are actively opposing our activities. (Matt. 10: 16, 17) As a reminder, personal letterhead rather than congregation letterhead should be used.

    They quote Matt 10:16,17 which states

    16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17 Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues.

    So they are well aware that what they are doing may well provoke persecution and it is only officials who are actively opposing their activities that they are not to write to. This whole letter campaign has the potential to be politically dangerous for them as the magazine they are sending says their Government will be destroyed.

    But also, in the neutrality talk they say that Christian neutrality means not taking sides in political issues, either actively or mentally. Wouldn't making decisions as to which officials are actively opposing their activities and not sending Watchtowers out to them but sending them to other officials (even those who oppose them but not actively) mean they are not taking a neutral stand?

  • goingthruthemotions

    These people are so brainwashed, They can't think for themselves, of course there campaign is a political move. anyone with half a brain could see this. These people are brain dead like my wife.

    let review, it's a cult!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phizzy

    The " even mentally" part will be difficult for some JW's LOL. Some are quite definite about their Political views, even though of course they do not actually Vote, and may not acknowledge even to themselves that they are in fact Politically Left or Right or whatever.

    I have found since I left , it has been necessary for me to educate myself politically, and in every other way of course, but to understand Politics you need to know how it works, and Political History, and to understand all the Bullshit and Mind Control you get from the Main Stream Media.

    I have Voted, at every Election, local and national, since I left, and I have campaigned very actively and loudly for a Political Party, are these considered to be actions warranting a J.C , and some "action" ?? Not that I give a flying fudge bar what they think or do to me personally, but I just wondered.

  • smiddy3

    Doesn`t Romans chapter 13 indicate that Christians / Jehovah`s Witnesses are to be involved and support the ruling governing authorities as this is the arrangement of GOD and those that take a stand against this arrangement are taking a stand against GOD ?

  • Longlivetherenegades

    It is said, man is a political animal. Definitely ORGANIZATION built by man are POLITICAL CREATION of MAN. It's a pity that the WTBTS despite calling itself only God's ORGANIZATION on EARTH is a Political animal. For the ORGANIZATION to operate in any land it has to PLAY POLITICS by dancing to the TUNE of "ARTICLE OF ASSOCIATION" which carries it is own politics and POLITICKING.

    IF JWs campaign for ONE Government against the OTHER, what do we call that............. POLITICS

    What they seem to miss here is that every magazine distributed is as good as ONE VOTE for "JEHOVAH’S GOVERNMENT" in the eyes of JWS. The reason you see emphasis on placement as much as possible.


    When JWs campaign for JEHOVAH’S GOVERNMENT against SATAN'S GOVERNMENT what is it called? ...........................

    a. Jehovah politics

    b politricks

    c. Neutrality

  • Biahi

    If they could follow you into the voting booth to make sure you vote for the “right” candidate, they’d probably allow voting. Since they don’t control it, they don’t allow it.

  • Reboot1979

    Most dictionaries define Discussion as an open debate where different viewpoints are exchanged in order to reach a solution. Only witnesses use the word discussion to refer to a precooked Q&A session.

    It is interesting to see neutrality defined as not taking sides, since Malawian JW's were not allowed to buy a party card in their one-party country on grounds of their neutrality.

    Lastly, I'm wondering why in this case the brothers and sisters are required to use their own letterhead. Weren't you always supposed to use the congregations' letterhead with letterwriting?

  • nowwhat?

    A discussion in wt land is we ask the question. You answer the question with the answer we provide!

  • pistolpete

    This whole letter campaign has the potential to be politically dangerous for them as the magazine they are sending says their Government will be destroyed.

    JWs with all their Armageddon Rhetoric to government officials pose no threat whatsoever. They are not viewed as some radical group like antifa, wearing black, with masks on, and waving torches and inciting riots.

    JWs are known as a fringed religious group of timid people, that consist mostly of women - and men who are clean shaven, and wearing 60s suits, who have been preaching the Armageddon for the past 140 years.

    They and their messages are inconsequential.

    This message to officials will come and go just like all their warning messages for the past 140 years have come and gone.

    And then they will boast in coming magazines and conventions for years to come on how brave they were to warn government officials around the world.

  • IWant2Leave

    If they use personal letterhead, won't the governments know where to find them during "Great Tribulation"? We know JW's will be in the attic or basement , but now Satan and his system of things will now have the address of all Witnesses. It was drummed into our heads years ago, that we should choose death rather than give our brother's address even if being tortured.

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