It sucks too love boxing and being in a JW family

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  • Giordano

    I boxed before and after I was baptized. I don't remember any big fuss about it..... this was back in the late 1950's of course I wasn't competing just a couple of friends who liked to box in our basement.

    I also played drums in small problem back in the day.

    Times have changed and this religion is now more then ever....... hard core.

    Akid48 stay cool with your Aunt (your legal Guardian) but definitely avoid getting baptized. Just tell her may be after you finish college in the meantime see if you can get back in the school band. There are scholarships for Tuba players. Marching bands are a big deal at the college level.

    Take your sport where you can find it.

    Basket Ball works as a one person sport also other kids can hear you making your shots and will wander over to see what's going on.

    Soccer works for one person as well. You get better with competition but you also need to first learn how to control the ball.

    Lifting weights you can do in your room.

    Remember you are not obligated to join your Aunts religion. And I don't think she can forbid you to engage in after school activities. A School Counselor may have the answer re your rights within the school structure.

    Exercise your freedom to pursue healthy and creative goals.

  • sinboi

    dubstepped -

    I don't know why people give advice like the above with that article. You know it doesn't truly work that way for most kids and it will just make things worse on him

    It's not that we don't want to give advice that can work. We just dunno what advice to give. I was also raised up in a jw family, I also have missed out on many things that I love to do. I just have to live with it.

    I could only get out of it all by d/a-ing myself. Akid is too young for it. I know him quite well and I think even if he is 20, he may still not be ready to leave.

    But what advice can you give to him other than telling him to leave?I cannot advise him to leave cos I understand his family situation. So I just have to joke over it.

    Akid :

    I remember your family allow you to go back to school for football right? Can you just lie to them you need to go for some other games instead of telling them you go for boxing.....or is it that your family need to sign a form for boxing lesson???? Same for me, I wanted to join a uniform group when I was 14. But my parents would not sign the form for me. That causes me to start hating this religion....

  • dubstepped

    There's lots of advice to give that has been given to this poster in many other threads. This one was about boxing.

    The only thing he can do is to try to make it easy on himself. If I remember from past threads he's tried standing up and it didn't go over well. Sometimes all people can do is accept where they are and try to make the best of it while it lasts. Draw certain lines in the sand, like I'm not getting baptized, but go along the best you can with people that feed and clothe you while living a somewhat double life. Grin and bear it is the only advice in situations that are simply out of your control. Making a scene with people that can make things even more miserable is bad advice. Playing them so as to get the leverage or space to be able to be yourself where you can is way better in most situations.

    The situation given by the guy earlier is the exception to the rule, not the rule.

  • intrigue169

    maybe just honestly say that you are terrified of ever being disfellowshipped and that it is a life long commitment more so than marriage and Jesus was 30 when he got baptized which is when the Jews view someone as a fully mature man

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