The story of my exit

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  • Heartsafire

    Welcome Mrs Obfuscate! I enjoyed reading your personal story very much. My favorite part was when you found ttatt and enrolled in University. Also, thanks for that direct ARC link.


  • obfuscate

    Hi Magnum,

    I've been around these parts for a good while, lurked on and off in between research, eventually signed up and posted under obfuscatetheobvious (left for a while and forgot the password when I returned, I think I set up a dummy email as know, don't want to get caught).

    I'm not a regular visitor here but when I have required the knowledge base that resides here, I have found it a deep well and an invaluable resource. For those that are regular posters (such as you Magnum) a huge thank you for taking the time to reply, challenge, comfort and cheer the many individuals who use this site on their journey to find out what gives their life meaning and purpose.

  • Phizzy

    Hi and Welcome Mr a Mrs Obfus !

    I liked this phrase in the O.P "My conscience would not allow me to be complicit with the actions of the Org by supporting it any way."

    That was the phrase, well, "substance thereof "LOL, I used after I finally left, to answer Mrs Phizzy when she asked "Are we never going back then ?"

    I am so pleased that your family can now enjoy real life together, and be happy !

    All the best for 2016 and the future !

  • Phizzy

    I also meant to say Thank You for your introductory story Mrs Obfus. such accounts are brilliant because, as they are all highlighting different reasons for people waking up, they show the many and varied problems there are with the religion.

    Your story also showed how erudite and intelligent people can still have their mind controlled by the methods used by the JW Org. My mind was thus controlled for over five decades, from birth.

    Welcome again to you both, I hope you are able to contribute to discussions here quite often.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    My position is similar to your husband's. I'm 3 months out now. Your story gives me hope my wife will join me sooner or later.


  • freddo

    Mrs. Obfuscate. Thank you.

    Please stay and post more. It is very encouraging.

    It is invaluable to have someone around here who wasn't personally affected by child abuse to feel so strongly about the ARC.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Encouraging story - thanks for sharing...Welcome to the first day of the rest of your cult free life.

  • mrsObfuscate


    I am sure that the ARC had a special effect on me because I have witnessed in others the effects of childhood physical and emotional abuse. I have seen those effects linger on with a person even into their adult years. The effects are real and the hurt never really goes away. The hurt goes onto impact many of the people surrounding the abused person. I can only imagine that the effects of sexual abuse would be multiplied tenfold. The accounts of the victims in the ARC saddened me greatly. I was so disappointed for them that they did not get the help, love and support that they so desperately needed at the time and that many in their congregations made life even more difficult for them.

  • Zoos
    Just want to add my welcome to the choir. Glad you found your way out and your life is on course for the better as you search for your own truth.
  • DJS


    Your story resonates with us all. You've captured the true essence of the cult you have left behind. It is not a loving, supporting place to be; it eats its own and destroys individuals and families, caring not for the individual nor the individual family. Worship of the Dark Lords is the only thing that is honored.

    Welcome to the rest of your life. The only thing I would suggest is to send your and Obfuscate's stories to the ARC. We can provide the email if you need it. Your story is poignant and powerful. Thank you.

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