new light on churches??

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  • freedom96

    I have known many witnesses that would refuse to go into a church under any circumstances. My mother, when she was still a witness, did not go to her fathers remarriage in a church, though we went to the reception.

    When I was 20, a close friend got married in a church, and I did extensive research in the magazines on the WTS policy of going into a church. They certainly were frowning upon it, but did not say you could not do it.

    I went to the wedding in the church, felt fine, no demons attacked me, and I simply chose not to tell the elders about it or go out proclaiming what I did. Why answer up to them anyways?

  • gspradling

    Thank you, everyone for your responses. I do agree with you, Scully. I think the Logansport cong. is more liberal than some I have heard about. I was just shocked that it was suddenly alright for her to go after so many years of refusing to enter churches for any reason. I wasn't even sure she would attend the reception since it was held in a Knights of Columbus hall but she came to both. I do have pics of her standing at the altar with the cross and the American flag in the background. She did not seem to have a problem with the pics either.

  • kgfreeperson

    Here's hoping she's seeing *the* light!

  • stillajwexelder

    I have attended weddings and funerals in churches -- at one funeral a sister later tried to tell me I was in cohorts with babylon the great -- I lost it -- I called her a cold heartless bitch - and pointed out that I went to comfort the family of the bereaved in their time of need just like Jesus would have done -- I went on and on ranting and raving -- the sister was so shocked that she did not say a thing -- later reported me to the rest of the body of elders -- and like the club we were -- they supported me!!

    No nothing in writing as far as I know-- all down to Conscience I think

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Seems more like "fractured" light.....or maybe they were in the midst of changing "new light" bulbs....

    Frannie B

  • JT

    the issue is handled pretty much as the issue of college was-

    while you could go the question was "Would a mature christian, go?"

    and with that as the context most jw would simply not go- it is this type of mind indoctrination that lead so many of us to make the choices that we did thinking that we HAD CHOSEN THE BETTER PORTION

    how sad

  • observador


    I don't think there has been any new light on that, but I friend of mine pointed out to me a very interesting situation where the Watchtower is listed side-by-side with a number of other "religions" on this web site:

    So, I tend to agree with Czar that this seems to indicate that the WT "religion" does not have the same grip on the mind of JWs anymore, maybe because of things like what the above link shows. Membership for the WT seems to have become the main focus now!

    Very sad indeed!


  • jwsons

    I recall 1 or 2 mos. ago there is an article (Questions fr Readers or in KM question box I couldn't remember exactly) they have an answer about it. I didn't read for it is boring. It may have something new in it ????


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