I`m on Windows 10 and my mouse keeps dying , any suggestions ? what to do ?

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  • smiddy

    Hi friends.

    As the OP states lately my mouse keeps dying on me while I`m in the middle of typing a post or whatever and so I lose all that I have laboured to type.

    I keep resurrecting the mouse but now it`s dying more frequently .

    Any suggestions on how to get around this problem , or am I flogging a dead mouse ?

    I await your suggestions.


  • zeb
    Try rubbing some Cheddar on it.?
  • smiddy


    You DH , I had a laughing fit over that comment , I`m serious.!


  • molybdenum

    Might be some help for you on this forum


    hope you get it fixed soon

  • Bobcat

    Check and/or replace the battery in the mouse. Then rub some cheddar on it as desired. 


  • nonjwspouse
    I have been a hold out on upgrading to 10. Please report back on how the info ( and cheese) worked.
  • Finkelstein

    WIn. 10 has nothing to do with it, its your mouse , batteries ??

    If you have some software that was designed for your mouse, you might try and reinstall that and reboot.

  • pronomono

    I had something similar happen to me when I upgraded to Windows 10, except my mouse would die and come back within a few seconds. Turns out there was an incompatibility between a Realtek program that gets installed with their HD Audio called FMAPP.exe . I killed this program and the problem was solved. No more dying or lag. I also made sure to remove this as a startup app under msconfig.

    If it's a wireless mouse, try using a wired USB mouse to see if you have the same problem. If it's a touchpad/wireless, try downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. Also, is it just the mouse, or are other peripheral devices dying as well?

    If all else fails, become a power user and learn all the bajillions of keyboard commands so you can impress your friends with superior knowledge and wizardry of how to control a computer without a mouse.

  • Simon

    How would your mouse dying make you lose what you have typed?

    Borrow or steal a new one (or replace batteries / checking nothing is in the way if wireless) to make sure it's not an OS issue. Maybe buy a new one if it isn't.

    Most PC operations can be controlled with keyboard as well, learning shortcuts will make you more productive.

  • smiddy

    I thank all of you for your suggestions , however i`m a computer nerd and well into my 70`s which does not help.

    My mouse is a logitech plugged into my harddrive ? no batteries .

    When I have the problem I turn off the pc unplug it from the wall and unplug the mouse from the harddrive ?

    which has fixed the problem until next time it happens and I do it all over again.

    Maybe I`m a lost cause.

    Simon ," How would your mouse dying make you lose what you have typed ?" Easy , .no cursor , no control .

    I would love to know how to control my pc with just the keyboard but I am afraid it may be too complicated for me.


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