I'm just so sad and now I'm mad

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  • Giordano

    Hi Kim,

    We were brought into a religious reality because we were/are young, may be even dumb.......looking for something better ......... maybe magical. Something that pretends to be a cure...something that offer's a hope.

    We didn't realize that it was make believe. That it takes a lot of effort to believe in a reality that simply doesn't exist.

    Just about everyone on this forum has been fooled by this religion. Just about every one in this world has been fooled by false hopes....... be it a religion, or a mass movement of someone else's political reality.

    We can only understand how we were fooled......... if ever.....by looking back. That rear view mirror shows us clearly where we have been.......but not where we are going.

    Your past is over. You were foolish ........ so were we.

    Going forward you have two choices....step up or step down.

    And here's a final point.....you didn't seek out this forum to step down. Non of us are stepping down. We are each on a journey....... separate but determined not to be played the fool again. Someone else will have to be the village idiot.....we resigned.

    Welcome to this forum!

  • silas hobbs
    silas hobbs


    So glad you found this site to express yourself, your feelings, your journey. It is therapeutic.

    As far as kicking yourself for believing please don't do that for your own good. I along with many here did the same thing. I remember the feelings that I had thinking I was finding the "Truth" how exciting it was to be told what was 'true,' seemingly from the bible. I also remember suppressing critical thinking when my study conductor brought up things that did not seem rational such as the 1914 date and its significance but these nagging doubts were overshadowed by my naive desire to believe and to find a spiritual path. I also remember later reading in the publication used for the TMS at that time that the bible was not for the 'other sheep' but was a directly written for the so called anointed ones, it felt like a blow to my heart.

    Also we did not have anything like fact checking to see if what we were learning was true,,,today its called the internet. What a body blow it is delivering to the JW organization,,,,why a member of the governing body cant even go to the liquor store and get 12 bottles of high dollar scotch without someone posting it online.right after one of his fellow GB gives a talk on giving more to the org

    Anyway hang in there and be happy


  • snare&racket

    Think of what your motives were....... no need for guilt or self punishment.

    You are one of the rare few that leave, your Grandad would be so proud!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This song sums it up kim:

    Be Here Now

  • Diogenesister

    KimD I cannot begin to tell you how much you and I share the same story. My grandfather shed tears over me too, he pleaded and tried to reason me out of it. Despite the fact he distrusted organized religion he obviously sensed the difference in Watchtower as he tried getting a church of england couple to talk to me, but they really didnt understand the methods cults use.

    I too wish I could tell him how right he was and how much i love and miss him.

    FedUpJW That was so beautiful <3

  • mikeflood

    Don't cry over spilled milk, please. Be happy you're out. Now you could make your choices.

  • Moster

    JW GoneBad - nicest thing I think you have ever said!

  • KimD

    Thank you all for the sweet comments. I wish that I could thank you all Individually but I don't know if there is a way to do so....I'm still learning my way around. You all are good people. I wish that I could meet each and every one of you. Thank you for making me feel a part of this site :)

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