A Former Jehovah's Witness shares her me too story

by LisaRose 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • flipper

    LISA- Thanks for relating this posters story. What a horrific experience she went though ! Sick. What's even sicker is the perpetrator threatening to go to the elders and maligning her character. Just disgusting. Sadly this is what women are facing everywhere when coming forward with sexual assault charges against unscrupulous men who are more concerned about saving their tainted reputations than admitting guilt . I hope life has been kinder to her in the years later than when she was 19 years old

  • jwundubbed

    @Nemesis and others who don't think these stories are valid unless a victim goes above and beyond their circumstance.

    Here are some really good, short videos that address why women don't report abuse, why they stay in abusive situations, and what victims of assault would like out of a reporting system.

    Why women stay silent after sexual assault.

    Why domestic violence victims don't leave.

    The reporting system that sexual survivors want.

  • MrRoboto


    What throws salt on the wound though is when the victims try to deal with things in the organization.

    Not her fault and if I was her brother or father - that boy would get a lesson he would never forget.

    Been raped or abused (phys or sex)?

    Step 1: Go directly to POLICE

    Step 2: Get a LAWYER

    Step 3: Refer questioning JWs to the lawyer - this includes elders and JCs

  • samira_underwater

    what a tragic case. unfortunately this isn't uncommon either, i've heard similar stories time and time again. i wonder where this young woman finds herself today, how she's managing emotionally.

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