Stupid, stupid nonsense in the October JW broadcast

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  • steve2

    Can you imagine HWs allowing that kind of shoddy reasoning if the Pope or priests or church ministers usedvthst exact same reasoning?

    They'd call the churches out for their manipulative double-speak.

  • sparrowdown

    God GeeJay is a smarmy bastard.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Well.....I haven't read it......but they are actually sort of right. The context of that scripture matters, and the translation is open.

    I would argue the meaning of "taking the lead" in this verse, has nothing to do with position. It has to do with who serves others the most. The person who "is last", it taking the lead in the congregation.

    I doubt however that was his point.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    G. Jackson wants to make sure absolute loyalty of the friends is directed at the GB and not toward a local elder noticing trouble in paradise. "Wait on Jehovah" is the popular line if you're disgruntled.

    In ancient times it was the prophets who were disgruntled and they made a big stink about it. They either caused change in the hearts of the leadership or in most cases were killed for speaking against that leadership. When the leadership refused to listen to outside criticism, God just burned his .org to the ground. This is where the current system may be headed.

  • Chook

    Was he being directed by god saying that statement.

  • Alive!

    Sounds like a distancing job....putting back responsibility on the R and F for following 'those taking the lead'

    Great - If those taking the lead are not "leaders" then JWs can look forward to a democratically 'led' theocracy and being consulted on every twist and turn on doctrinal interpretation.

    Could someone give me the heads up when the first 'referendum' is floated by those taking the lead who are not leaders, but who are really just 'one of us'.

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