Stupid, stupid nonsense in the October JW broadcast

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  • sir82

    So in the October JW broadcast, there is a "morning worship" segment in which G. Jackson goes to great lengths to explain how the term "those taking the lead" are not "leaders".

    The terms are exactly equivalent, of course, but Jackson, with a wink & smirk, pats himself on the back for his own cleverness on how different they really are.

    It's just so bizarrely absurd.

    Imagine if such tortured reasoning were applied to other areas....


    Restaurant manager: I'm sorry, the only position we have open is for dishwasher

    Applicant: That's insulting! I have a Master's in culinary arts! I studied under Chef Jacques LeJacque! I worked as a sous chef in 3 Michelin-starred restaurants! I catered 4 royal weddings! I...

    Manager: O wait, I do have an opening for a washer of dishes.

    Applicant: Well why didn't you say so? When can I start?


    Newspaper editor: We can't run this story where you call Smith a "bank robber"! We'll get sued for libel! You'll lose your job! I'll lose my job! The paper will go bankrupt!

    Reporter: Oh, right, sorry chief. I'll change that to "robber of banks".

    Editor: That's OK then - go ahead and run it!


    Miscellaneous JWD Poster A: Your political views are awful! You are an idiot and a goat-f__ker!

    Miscellaneous JWD Poster B: How dare you insult me that way! There is no need to drag my reputation through the mud like that! How dare you!

    Miscellaneous JWD Poster C: You are a f__ker of goats!

    Poster B: Well of course! With pride! Let me tell you about Bessie....


    "Those taking the lead" are not "leaders".


  • waton

    yeah, they have taken the lead away from everybody else, whether jws like it or not.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    "Those taking the lead" are not "leaders".

    Idiots. - indeed.

    The very definition of leader is 'one who takes the lead' ... there's no escaping it.

  • scratchme1010

    When people are conditioned to accept anything that they say, they just listen and think that they are learning something so unique that they cannot learn anywhere else. They think that such nonsense is the only "truth" because they cannot hear it anywhere else.

  • _Morpheus

    No escaping it unless your in a cult and can redifine words at will. Like generation. Or the meaning of “is”

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    .... to be following by more-- MUCH more-- of the same, on Saturday...

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    And the reaction from jws: "Isn't Jehovah wonderful for giving us these amazing explanations?".

  • jp1692

    Well, in a very practical way Jackson is right. Those "taking the lead" in the JW religion--elders and ministerial servants--aren't really leaders. They are the sycophantic followers of the real leaders, the Governing Body (although I frequently think they are just puppets, but that's another topic for another time).

    That being said, note the Orwellian doublespeak in their usage of the term "faithful and discreet slave" in reference to themselves in their role of telling their followers what to believe, how to behave and think, and the endless list of minutiae concerning what good, little dubbies can and cannot do. The "slave" is in practice the master.

    It's a cult!

  • ToesUp

    "And the reaction from jws: "Isn't Jehovah wonderful for giving us these amazing explanations?".



    Exactly on that one too!

  • punkofnice
    "Those taking the lead" are not "leaders".

    Classic double speak.

    Cognitive dissonance prevails.

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