To UK members that go to meetings - did Brexit cause a spike in meeting attendance last weekend?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    They have so few friends they went to the KH just to get others opinions on it.

  • smiddy

    AA , that is so true It`s the ones that leave the" truth" but the" truth" never leaves them .

    They are fence sitters ,or the ones who get blown this way or that way depending on the wind.

    Not only have they never made the" truth" their own , they have never convinced themselves of it`s untruth.

    Every disaster that occurs whether it is caused by humans or is a natural disaster , they flock back to the find out if it`s the GT or the big A. impending .

    They are truly still victims of the cult mentality.even though they live most of their lives outside the Borg.

    What`s this red R that`s appeared on my post ,it`s now gone.


  • freddo


    Lower half of the UK is about as specific as I want to get. I was a fairly well known elder in my circuit and have reduced activity from that to low level activity publisher.

    Responses to child abuse - especially since the ARC - and ridiculous generation "exSplane-ation" made me change from "going for family" to "minimal activity for family". And planning for on the way to "virtual inactivity for family!"

  • alanv

    Well done Freddo. Its always good to hear the reasons that people begin their exit from the org.

    I think there will be many like yourself who have been shocked by the ARC and the stupidity of the generation teaching.

  • punkofnice

    I heard from one of my JW spies that the local lot see the Brexit as the JWs being correct. Prophecy fullfilled. Man dominates man to his own injury(tm).

    Who else will rule mankind? JWs? Strewth, imagine that! No, don't. It's too horrific to contemplate.

  • freddo

    @ alanv

    Sorry for late response. I was already mentally free before the ARC and the flipchart on the mount of olives exSplane-ing the overlapping generation.

    The ARC just confirmed my own experiences as an elder to how the borg wants nothing of child abuse reported to the secular authorities and the 1995 generation change should have told me the gig was up let alone the several since then.

    Just treading carefully for family.

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