To UK members that go to meetings - did Brexit cause a spike in meeting attendance last weekend?

by freddo 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo

    I went to the mid week meeting and looked at the attendance figures on the noticeboard for the three congregations that share the local kingdom hall. I wrote down the three previous Sundays attendances and this Sunday (after the referendum) too. Here they are.

    The three congregations have about 75/75/95 publishers.

    Cong A. (75 pubs) 51/56/53/73

    Cong B. (75 pubs) 60/60/63/71

    Cong C. (95 pubs) 74/82/73/90

    Strange that all three had a higher attendance on the last Sunday? Do you think they all had Armageddon's coming-itis?

  • Saename

    How dare you!? Everybody knows the sky is falling . . .

    Even this chicken little knows this:

    Chicken Little: The Sky Is Falling

  • ToesUp

    Freddo - Great observation. What will be interesting is how long will the numbers stay inflated. I remember a few meetings after 911, attendance was up by 20% or more. After a few weeks it went back to normal.

    Obviously these weak ones are of the Kevinly class!

  • Cangie

    Chicken Little: "...a-a-and it was shaped like this...and it was BLUE!

    Maybe he was hit by a " sign that blew off the nearest KH?

  • slimboyfat

    Plausible theory, impossible to know.

  • Saename

    Hit by JW.ORG sign? That was actually funny . . .

  • Sliced

    Brexit combined with the regional convention "persecution preparedness, basement/bunker hype" will be increasing numbers around the globe- so don't be too surprised.

    I doubt it will last long...

  • freddo

    Panic's over - I went again tonight (2 in a row! Where's my medal?) and checked the noticeboard attendance figures and although only two were showing (the bigger cong doesn't meet until tomorrow) they were back to their usual low state.

    Cong A. Showed even lower at 49

    Cong B. Showed even lower at 59

    So back to apathy and yawndumb!

  • fizzle


    are you able to disclose which county you are in?

    fizzle :)

  • sparrowdown

    I'm sure anything that causes divisions, chaos and confusion, economic uncertainty or loss of life will be good for JW business. It's almost like they feed off fear.

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