How Close Do YOU Live To BETHEL?

by RAYZORBLADE 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Joker10

    I live in L.A.

  • Soledad

    I'm a hop and a skip away from 25 Columbia heights. when I worked in downtown Brooklyn 2 years ago, 7:30 am was primetime for witnesses. I saw more Watchtower and Awakes in corner trash bins than I see rats in the subway.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    To tell ya the truth, about 1500 miles....not close enuff to tell 'em "up close and personal" just what I think about their dastardly ways and meanies.....but thas okay....when I sent 'em the letter that forced 'em to disf me, they spread my name as "mud" over half the United States, from the West Coast all the way into Louisiana.......(wicked cackle)

    Frannie B

  • Odrade

    I live as far from Bethel (US) as one can be. But I have close family ties to it. I think on this forum at least, anonymity stems not from being uncommitted to freedom from the cult, but rather from the pain that THEIR policy of shunning causes when you leave publicly. Think about it this way: If tomorrow, JWs completely dropped their policy of shunning those who reject their doctrines... you no longer had to DA to get out, your family could still talk to you, and were encouraged to maintain family connection. How many of us "faders" would keep our id a secret? Wouldn't you come right out and say "I don't believe that anymore. I just want to leave JWs quietly." ??

    I would, but because of the sanctions WT imposes on those who don't believe exactly as told, in order to not lose family, we have to keep these secrets. I don't know that physical proximity to Bethel makes such a difference as much as how close one is to family, or how much you stand to lose by not keeping your real opinions to yourself.

  • MikeMusto

    8 miles

  • chachasmum

    TOO CLOSE 8 miles

    Mikemusto you must live pretty close to me

  • chachasmum

    12.42 miles i looked it up on map quest.

  • micheal

    About 20 miles away. I used to live pretty close to it a few years ago. I used to live right in it, so that's pretty close.

  • Elsewhere

    According to MapQuest... 1585.79 miles 25 hours, 43 minutes

  • NeonMadman

    According to MapQuest, 42.7 miles from 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn.

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