How Close Do YOU Live To BETHEL?

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    Ya know, I've had to wonder, since the comment had been posed to me some time ago about various parts of the world, and how close they live to their respective Bethels.

    So how close DO YOU live to Bethel (of your country)?

    The reason I ask is, at least around here, the closer you live to Bethel, it seems the more spiritual (JW sense of the word) some of our posters are.

    Still cowering, hiding, and playing by their rules.

    No need to shout your name from the rooftops, or print your name on the latest assembly lapel card, but geez.....the paranoia and posting the third person, is sad.

    Like every ex-JW is a enemy, every ex-JW is a potential threat (agent provocateur). Sheesh, what a way to live.

    Anyways, how far away are some of you from your respective Bethels?

    I believe the distance my place is from the Canadian Bethel is approximately 70 kms/45 miles.

    Not hiding.

  • rocketman

    Rayzorblade, I guess you've been paying more attention that I have. I never noticed a correlation between the nature of posts and proximity to Bethel.

    I have heard that, in 'real' jw life, the clsoer you are to Bethel the more 'organizational' opr sprititual things get. And I have met Bethelites who traveled. Of course, I've also heard that some Bethelities tend to be almost rabidly competitive when they play sports.

  • avengers


    I live in the Netherlands, in Emmen. The Branch-office is also in Emmen, so is Bethel.
    I see groups of Bethelites regularly doing the preaching work.
    Bethel is about 3 kilometers from here.
    Many Bethelites are elders, MS and they keep the Congs spiritually healthy.
    Lots of preaching done here.

    So you might have a point.


    What I was aiming at, although some folks touched on it, was how present ex-JWs, and so-called ex-JWs are in areas within proximity of their respective Bethels.

    Yes, post-JW, I wonder how many still have the remote control of the Bethel and WTS still in their lives, despite them being either DF'd/DA'd or faded (like blue jeans)?

    Just an observation, from a Toronto point-of-view, given that the Canadian Bethel is a mere 70 kms. away from the city.

    Thanks Avengers and Rocketman.

    Just waiting to see if any other international members will pipe-up.

  • ozziepost

    Ohhh, you're naughty, asking such a question!

    OK, some remember that Ozzie is in the southern highlands some distance from Bethel.....on the other hand some think he's still at Bethel! Is he really? Those who need to know, know the truth!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • smack

    The Aussie Bethel is at Ingleburn? I delivererd a load of sand there when they were building it. It was about an hour from where I lived at the time. It took me twice as long to get there that night, god I love driving a 13 sp roadranger crashbox. I now live on a whole nuther island.

  • TresHappy

    According to, I live 1600 miles from 25 Columbia Heights...

  • Blueblades

    Close enough to shake hands and eat and drink with the Governing Body at THE BETHEL,World Headquarters,not in Bethel,but,@ 5 miles away.

  • Shakita

    I live about an hour away from Brooklyn Bethel. I have been to (excuse my french), "the house of God" on the factory tour many times. can we say "boring"?! The only good part of the trip was walking on the promenade next to the river overlooking the New York City skyline. Being so close to Bethel, we had many bethel brothers come down to our area to give "special talks" to the cong. There was also the name game...."I know brother and sister blah-blah up in Bethel"....."I sat with brother blah-blah from the governing body at bethel breakfast on our last visit".....barf

    Like every ex-JW is a enemy, every ex-JW is a potential threat (agent provocateur). Sheesh, what a way to live.

    I am one of those who do not wish to have my real name out there for lurking JW's, and they do lurk here from what I have seen and heard in the past year. I still have children that I love in the org. and, if there is the slightest chance of getting them out, I will not mess that up by posting my real name. I don't see every ex-JW as an enemy or a potential threat, and I am sure that the others here who do not post their real names feel the same.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • iiz2cool

    I live about a 35 minute drive from Bethel. The first hall I attended had several Bethelites assigned there, and naturally, they had first crack at the "privileges". Those of us who wanted to hold the lofty "privilege" of being a microphone handler or something higher had to be accomplished asskissers. I wasn't very good at that, so I never made much progress. The first few years it bothered me, but I eventually got a career and a life, and stopped caring about that.

    As I understand it, Bethelites are accountable to elders both in the congregations as well as in Bethel. It must feel as though they're walking a tightrope, to be micromanaged like that. Just one more abuse of the WTS. In turn, brothers in the congregations were constantly admonished to follow the example of these Bethelites, to learn to look, walk, talk, and act like them. So the anality (is that a real word?) of Bethel, in my opinion, trickled down and affected many in local congregations.

    I was under that kind of pressure for a number of years, but it didn't take long for me to shake off most of it's negative effects, probably because I was a party animal long before I ever heard of the witnesses. But I can't imagine what a lifetime of such pressure could do to someone, or what it would take to get them to shake off the effects of the excessively anal Bethel. I knew one Bethelite that I really disliked. He was a snake. But at one get-together I kept refilling his glass with wine. Once he was half cut he was almost kind of ok. But I think his wife figured out what I was doing and she dragged his ass home in short order. Too bad. I was seeing the beginning of some personality there.

    Naturally, there are also some valid reasons why some may want to retain their anonymity, such as family concerns or other activities that may require it.

    But for the rest of us maybe a major boozefest is in order???

    No bibles please!


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