2016-09-21 BOE Re: Global Assistance Arrangement for the 2017 Service Year

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  • smiddy

    In other words we want you, the rank & file members of the Congregations , to pay the fines and penalties imposed on us by the secular Authorities , for our negligence in protecting your children from child molesters and pedophiles , that we protect in the Congregations , whether they be Elders , Ministerial Servants , or any other Holy Spirit appointed Servant .

    We also want to thank you for being so gullible , for not seeing the true reason for this letter.

  • Crazyguy

    Yet another scam, notice to it's about being able to fix damage to thier buildings which are already insured no help for anyone in the congregation. They again show they don't care about the people just thier real estate holdings!

  • ab.ortega
    Finally, please note as a separate matter that this year we will not be requesting any contribution for the Traveling Overseer’s Assistance Arrangement.

    Hmm.. Does this mean no more traveling overseers!! or will the full expense come locally?

  • hoser

    There was recently a wildfire in our area where the Kingdom Hall was damaged. They solicited the local congregations for donations and free labour to fix the hall.

    Double dipping bastards!

  • millie210

    So I have a question regarding the Traveling Overseers fund.

    Was that built in to the yearly amount after a resolution or did it come up fresh again each year?

    They say they wont need a contribution to that fund this year but if it is already built in to what the congregation agreed to pay then how does that work exactly?

  • Lostandfound

    Many years ago here in UK congregations sensibly took out insurance, many thru a company with a brother managing that insurance. Porter Cobb and Hamilton was name and they paid out promptly on claims.

    Mill Hill wrote to all congregations saying to cease private insurance and to instead send premiums to WT, as pooling premiums allowed them to buy cheap insurance for all KHs via reinsurance.

    in decades I never heard of any claim paid out by WT, famously telling one cong, who were flooded out and carpets and decorations ruined, "open windows and get fans in to dry everything out" nothing paid from this "general" fund which was never used to buy insurance. KH NEEDS Public Liability Insurance in case of accident which may disable someone. Elders, as Trustees, personally financially liable, if they have not made proper provision. An elder could be bankrupt over an insurance claim, by a visitor or even in some cases a neighbouring property. Nowhere have I ever seen any education regarding cong trustees, just follow the org, would the org help them out over any damages claim? I think we know the answer.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    So, they claim to need 32 Million $ /year for the disaster relief(3£ x 8 Million publishers) . That would mean that the'd have the ability to rebuilt 14 kingdom halls per month, every month, all year rounds. I'm not even sure that they build new ones at that rate!

    Clearly, this is another disguised way of charging fees relabeled as "voluntary donations".

    Considering that they made a billion from their sales of NY properties, that they are flipping some KHs here and there and that they are about to make a lot of money from their UK properties... I am at lost to know what they are doing with their money and why they are demanding even more from their members. I sincerely don't understand.

  • Hecce

    Here in the States the WT is self insured, I think that beyond a certain amount there is re insurance with an established company in case of a catastrophic loss.

    In the cases where I have seen claims handled by the WT, it is the worse experience that a person could have, they practically make impossible to collect anything from them and in the end people get tired and quit or just settle for an minimal amount.

  • tor1500


    So, everyone one saw through this letter...I wonder how the elders felt when they read the letter in the backroom....I would love to be a fly on the wall...

    This is my favorite "The GAA is designed to prevent and pay for any losses from unexpected events (ARC/payouts/fines, etc), that could affect the Org. (Aka: Congregation).

    Do you think the money is leaking out the bottom of the org. bag?


  • StephaneLaliberte

    If I was an elder, I would agree with this arrangement as long as every expenses from that fund were communicated back to the elders. I would expect to see which hall had which repairs. The date, the cost. If they have that level of transparency, sure, I'd be happy to give.

    Of course, they would not give that level of transparency and I would love to hear them explain why.

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