Is this the last chance for inactive and df'd ones?

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  • notsurewheretogo
    I was recently handed the "Return" pamphlet by a local elder. I read it and realized that it doesn't address my personal grievances. I was more moved by the fact that the brother remembered me and cared enough to drop by.
    Then I heard that CO week was coming up and it tainted the whole thing. They love making a good report about themselves to the CO!

    Curious...I received a text out of the blue from an elder after 4 years fading and not one word...he made some nice remarks then asked if I was ever coming back.

    Then I heard from my still-in wife that it was CO visit time...ah that explains it...I never replied to the text until AFTER the CO visit. And the answer was NO!

    I too concluded the only reason he was contacting me so was to stroke me off a "one who must be contacted to see if he will return so I can look good in front of the CO" list.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    good--theres still a chance for me.

    just need to plant my ass on a kingdumb hall seat a few times and i will survive armageddup---then spend the next 1000 years burying corpses.


  • steve2

    Just when you think they care,

    you learn the CO visit is near.

  • blondie

    Yes, it is just CYA or CYB.......................

    Many jws only do the "right" things if other humans might see them do the bad...but "Jehovah has left the land and he is not seeing" is more the scriptural thinking of many jws.

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