Is this the last chance for inactive and df'd ones?

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  • ToesUp

    Like someone said above...."wash, rinse, repeat."

    Same story, different day. They are just using video and digital format instead of gory pictures of people who are toast.

  • xjwsrock

    I am an elder. No formal instructions have been given like you describe. Sounds like somebody has gotten excited based on the org's saber rattling or you are being intentionally duped.

  • steve2

    When the book, "The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life" was released in 1968, there was fever pitch talk about it being the "last" Bible Study book that would ever be released. Referred to over the years as the Truth book and "the blue bombshell" (hardcover was blue), Witnesses were convinced this marked how close the end was. Bible Studies with interested persons would no longer drag on for years (as they had done in many, many cases) but would be offered for 6 months at which time the student would be expected to make a decision for baptism.

    Then in 1973, at the international convention I attended in Christchurch, New Zealand a Kingdom News tract was released. We were urged to go door to door over the next weeks, if not months, hand it to householders and leave. It was to be a short sharp message about the perilous times we were living in. The air was abuzz with how this would sound out the alarm to the general population about how close we were to the end.

    On these sorts of occasions - oh and there have been many more, but these ones stuck out in my mind - JWs have been absolutely convinced that the GB have the finger on the pulse and know how very close we are to the end.

    I learnt many things from these kinds of juvenile-minded religious enthusiasms, chief of which is this:

    Strength of Conviction does not equal Accuracy or Truth.

    If this turns out to be the "last" effort to round up the countless half-hearted ones orbiting jw org, you can bet it is "last" in the same way that Barbra Streisand conducts farewell concerts: The last - until the next time.

  • innerpeace

    Thank you for the replies, I've enjoyed reading them and it's been helpful. I figured it was probably another scare tactic.

  • LostGeneration

    One last chance before what, is the question. Before you really start shunning us? Sometimes I think these have to be the most delusional people walking the earth.

  • sir82

    Armageddon is close!

    No, it's much closer - it is IMMINENT!

    It is closer than the inside of your eyelid!

    Run back now!

    The WTS has been proclaiming "the end is near" every day for 135+ years. That's 50,000+ days of saying "the end is near!"

    But hey - they might be right on day 50,001!

    Or on day 60,000.

    Or on day 600,000.

    One of these days it just HAS to come!

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    When I tried to get back in, they reinstated me as they couldn't fault what I was doing but once I was in they spied on me to find evidence not to keep me in. They did not like the fact I had been out 26 years, even though I heard that the elder dealing with me was out for 29 years after being raised as a JW andwas a drug dealer! They thought they had found some evidence of wrongdoing and will not believe they are wrong, so after 5 months I will be disfellowshipped again this week. A big mistake I made because of grieving for my Dad and not thinking it through. x

  • Listener
    Meanwhile their big building project in England has just begun.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Two elderly sisters from the local KH are standing by the side of the road holding up

    a sign that reads, "The End is Near! Turn yourself around now before it's too late!

    They planned to hold up the sign to each passing car. "Leave us alone you religious nuts!"

    yelled the first driver as he sped by. From around the curve they heard screeching tires and

    a big splash. "Do you think," said one sister to the other, "we should just put up a sign that says

    'Bridge Out' instead?"

    I believe their message would be more affective by stating, you never know what tomorrow when bring

    so get your life right with Jehovah instead of trying to scare the crap out of people with the gloom and doom

    message of total destruction of every man, woman and child. Sure you may have a heart attack tomorrow

    but if someone told me, "Jim you will die next week, your heart will give out'. I will have a week

    of misery or die early just thinking about it. Just stop with the end of the world sh--t.......

  • scratchme1010

    Hi all, just wondering if there's anything going around about the elders receiving instruction from the society to give inactive ones and disfellowshipped ones one last chance to come back? I ask because I have a still in family member that I received a message from, and urging me to go back. The elders are apparently saying there is no time left. So just wondering if anyone has heard the same thing? Thanks

    I have heard that they are trying to encourage people to come back, but as always, they never take a full stand on it. It's all around gossip and whispers.

    The JWs who knew me as a JW I'm sure know better than daring attempting to even say anything to me. They know very well what their place is.

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